Forever Forty-One!@!

In most instances people expect birthdays to be filled with fun activites and lots stuff meaning gifts and surprises, without a question,I feel that birthdays should be celebrated and embraced. Throughout the years,I have had the honor of being a part of several birthday celebrations including the ones that gave me recogintion on my special day. As a young adolescence ,many of the birthday celebrations I observed often included food,music,gifts and a birthday cake__well,not much has changed about birthday celebrations except that Ive grown older,the music has changed,and now you can buy birthday cakes in all different types of flavors as well as designs. Alright,so a lot has changed about birthday celebrations including the fact that they’re not just about celebrating a life they’re also about remembering a life. At a young,I learned the meaning of birthday celebrations from my grandmother,parents,and teachers. From the moment that I could understand the true meaning of the birthday tradition,I gave the tradition much deference and love. Forty one years later I continue to honor the birthday tradition. Remarkably,on Friday,September 14th,I celebrated my forty first birthday. Unlike birthday celebrations I experienced as an adolescence,I celebrated my forty first birthday with out all of the bells and whistles,I didnt attend a wild party,I didnt hit the night club scene,and I didnt have a bunch girlfriends goading me to go out to a strip club…Instead of the big birthday cake with forty-one candles,I settled for the Pink bag with gifts including a new Smart Phone. Truthfully,I would have liked to have the big birthday cake with forty-one candles,…Faced with the reality that sooo many young people have lost their lives to violence,to senseless crime,and while defending the United States of America,a birthday cake in the face of such massive loss of life __well,I think that’s pretty much small talk. For many years,I waited for my big day,I watched others celebrate their birthday,and couldn’t wait for the day when I turned forty the (Big 4-0). As I went through the years celebrating birthdays, I kept with me this idea,this notion of what my forthieth birthday should be like,dolefully ,time and circumstance turned my fairy tale birthday into a stark reality of the current place and social conditions that I live in at the age of forty-one… Thankful,I lived to celebrate my forty-first birthday,it became a reminder of the truth,that not only had I changed and turned a year older but so had the social conditions in the United States of America. Im big on tradition,and it’s has been a big tradition with many of the much older folk, a generation older than I,to stop counting birthdays at certain age. Now that Ive turned forty-one,Ive chosen to stop counting at forty-one. Late evening,the day after I turned forty one I lost one of my molars,it held on until I turned forty-one. And in all honesty,the first thing I thought went I saw the molar, forever forty-one! Shortly after,I painted the molar pink and silver to commerate my forty-first birthday,so that every time I look at the molar I wont forget I will always be Forever Forty-One!@!

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