A Special Message from the Founder & President of csaccac Inc,

As I celebrated my forty-first birthday this September,I looked back on the events that lead me to csaccac Inc. At the age of thirty five I relocated to the state of  Virginia,upon relocating to the state Virginia, I didn’t have a set  plan  or goal  to re establish myself with in the community. When I  relocated to state of Virginia in December of 2005 , I arrived in my 1985 four door Toyota Corolla LE with sunroof ,inside the car,of course , was me and a few of my personal belongings.  And in all honesty,upon my arrival, I didn’t know  how long I would remain in the state of Virginia. Veritably,I  have told the  story of my arrival to  Virginia on numerous days,in some instance,I have gone as far as to say that I stole away in the night a biblical cliche,I have heard adults use during my adolescence times of trouble. Days after I arrived to the state of Virginia,it became clear that I had exceed my limits emotionally,physically,and financially. With nowhere else to turn ,I took comfort at my biological mother’s home. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, before I regained my strength and sense of direction, I felt the earth shake from under my feet and didn’t know if I would  get back to the person I had been before, during the years I worked in retail,customer service,and taught public in Florida’s public school. From the first day I arrived in the state of Viriginia, it has been an all out battle to gain support of the community,re establish my credit,and get back to life as I once knew it before the economic recession of 2008. Now that I looked back on the  day,actually,it was mid evening when I got to my mother’s home,it was on a cold December night that my life would  be forever altered.  Aside from the personal belongings that I had inside my Toyota Corolla LE four door with sunroof ,I also brought along  with me  a  long list of work experience and two degrees. Several months before relocating to the state of Virginia,I had participated in professional  development and other job training service at Workforce. With all of the baggage(emotional,financial and spritual) ,I brought with me from Florida , it took time to release some of the baggage, I had to work at not creating a cloud of negativity and bad karma. Eventually,as I began to grow in my personal life, I found that  I had  some valuable life experiences  and work experience that could help others__ with that revelation I founded csaccac Inc.,this year csaccac Inc celebrates its third birthday on December 9th,furthermore, I must admit I am proud to be a part of organization  dedicated to help disenfranchise and disable consumers.Eight years ago,I had no idea that I would be a Consumer Affairs Consultant ,Sales & Service Manager, Founder and President  of csaccac Inc,Editor-in Chief of the csaccac Newsletter and Author of What’s With All That Stuff,cacjohnson!#@!,(A Shopper’s Guide to Better Shopping) ,it has been a long journey,and I look forward to the prize  at the end.While one of my greatest accomplishments remains a number one goal that’s making csaccac Inc. a 501c non profit before the end of the year, I..With all of the awe and wonder life throws at us, I have learned that persistence,patience,planning and commitment gets things done,in other words, you’ve got to have a stick to it attitude no matter what is going on around you,confidence in you,believe in you,believe in your cause,most importantly, stay polite,courteous,friendly,and sincere along the path  to acheiveing your goals. —Twice the Luv,much Luv,Pink Luv,cacjohnson

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