Hell week before my not so fabulous forty first birthday.

Some people believe that Heaven and Hell are two mystical places,religious fanatics,on the other hand might set out to prove naysayers and disbelievers wrong. Raised as a Southern baptist,on many Sunday mornings,I listened to biblical tales of the place called Hell. Imbued in all of the tales about Hell fear,horror,dread,and disbelief stood out the most,I held on to the belief for many years that Hell had been a wretch place,a place I didn’t want go after death. Throughout the years,I have viewed movies,specifically,horror movies many that gave their version of what the place called Hell contained,felt like,and the way it looked. Hell,I had been taught by the adults ,teachers,and preachers did exist,it existed for those who didn’t believe in Jesus, had a bad attitude,sassy mouth,didn’t do their homework,stole from people,who had been promiscuous,and those who refused to color in between the lines. Along with all of the stuff I had been taught about Hell,I had also been told the that the word should not be spoken because mentioning it was just as bad as going to the actual place. Forty-one years later,I still hold on to many of the beliefs about Hell that had been inculcated in Sunday school lessons and reinforced at home when I was adolescence. Unlike some people who might question whether Hell exist,I do believe Hell exist. Of all the numerous lessons I had been taught,I continue to be reminded of the lessons about Hell as I maturate and seek to grow spritually,financially,and professionally. Hell and all its cohorts,gimmicks and tricks,I often named and blamed when stuff went wrong or bizirk. When the truth of the matter I would later learn had it not been for Hell I would not appreciate all of the glory and riches that Heaven has to offer. No matter what some people believe about Hell,the truth about Hell has not change no one in their right mind wants to experience Hell unless it’s in a movie theatre ,scratch that after the shooting deaths during the premier of the Dark Knight Rises(that might soon be a thing of the past if they dont get some mandatory NationalGun Laws and stop shooting people.) Excuse my French but who the hxxx is goingvto sit around in a movie theater,a,restaurant,or an airport waiting to got shot unless it Occupy WallStreet. So then Hell for some us might be something we would want avoid,unless,it’s for a good cause like defending our country… Freshmen year, I thought about pledging a sorority during those days on our campus instead of Rush Week we had Hell week. As a teen and a college student in days of exasperation, disappoint and frustration, I under my breath have spoken cliches and adages with Hell as the main theme spoken by close family and relatives such as come hell or high water,how the hell,why the hell,who the hell,what the hell,no the hell you didnt and aw hell. For all intents and purposes,Hell,I learned was a place,a cuss word, and an experience. And for the most part,Hell was something I didn’t want to experience unless I was teen,a recent college graduate,a single mom,unemployed,disable,diagnois with a terminal illness or trying to balance a checkbook. As the years progress,I found that Hell has many disguises and cronies,and of all the Hell that hell puts us through it reminds us that we’re human. Hell doesnt stop because you found God,Hell doesnt stop because you got a new job,Hell doesnt stop because you got married,Hell doesnt stop on Holidays, it just stop bothering you to go mess with somebody else.

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