Shop Talk (On & Off Air)

A week of viewing several different daytime Tv talk shows,I felt inspired from the energy,the hot topics,and the style of the various host to go forward with aspirations to be a Tv personality,consumer reporter and writer. At the moment,I currently host a 15minute to 30minute shop talk show on Ustream,however,the show has been in hiatus for several months because I have not committed to writing a script every two weeks. Since I first began to record the show,I have gathered a lot of new stuff to talk about__of course,it’s all shop related. And in all honesty,I have found that a lot of the errands and daily chores I perform each in some shape form or fashion is shop related_from grocery shopping to planning a day at the mall. Truthfully,way before the show I shopped for all kinds of stuff as I discuss in the first book I wrote What’s With All That Stuff,cacjohnson!#@! (A Shopper’s Guide to Better Shopping) When the first show aired between November and December 2010,I didnt have a theme or a weekend format. Months later,I began the show with an opening that I have blast across all the Social Networks that I signed up with to meet,mingle,and chat with consumers and shoppers of all ages and different backgrounds. Today Savour the flavor & Get Twice the Luv that’s the opening and closing I state on each show. Eventually,weeks after beginning the show with a opening line,I finally had to aver that I wanted the show to be segmented. Anyway,I m suppose to be on Ustream for 15 to 30 minutes every 2nd & 4th Saturday talking to consumers and shoppers letting them in on all of the different stuff I test,taste,sample, and buy in the month,sure,it is easy to go over the time limit when talking about shopping for tnat reason and the fact I dont like to ad lib I chose to segment the show first with an introduction next an update of all the Social Networking Sites that Ive signed up with as a member,then I step up the chat with Shop Talk.

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