Excerpt from July’s Editor Note 2012

Safe media: G,PG, PG13,R,Nc-17,XXX,NR,UR,an age old question that has been around for some years and today could be considered a hot topic, Is it the responsibility of filmmakers and producers  to filter and censor media? or Is it Hollywood’s responsibility to provide safe media to the viewing public? After several wars and massive loss of life, should Hollywood censor the media it shows to the viewing public including movies in movie theaters? Conversely, in the midst of this slow economic recovery should American consumers and shoppers step up and censor various media outlets at home, on the internet, and in public? Lastly, safe media isn’t a fantasy or some kind of fairy tale, its parental control, viewer discretion, and a matter of choice. Most importantly, the summer for a lot kids begins on the last day school and means less supervision that ultimately requires parents to take on a more active role during the summer months including monitoring listening and viewing different medias. Undoubtly, number things could cause a summer meltdown including what’s being viewed on the big screen.
Summer meltdown: A week of record temperatures across the East coast in July caused a summer meltdown in some cities along the East coast and prompted a national heat advisory from the National Weather Forecast urging consumers and shoppers to avoid extreme heat, and drink plenty of fluids that contained very little sugar.  Unavoidably, this summer I experienced the extreme heat firsthand in Va. First, I have to say it definitely got hot enough to fry an egg on the side walk and to melt ice cream inside an ice cream cone. Usually the summer months  for  a tantamount of consumers and shoppers often has been designated as a time consumers and shoppers want to go outside; however, it’s those rare weather occurrences such as a heat wave that makes consumers and shoppers want to rush inside before they begin to sweat or melt. Normally, I don’t let the heat get me hot and bothered, in spite of all my efforts this summer, the summer heat did incapacitate me for several days. On the days, I did try to beat the heat it only proved to be futile.
Battle to the finish line: With only a few weeks left before the November election, the campaign between the two Presidential candidates has caused heated conversation among consumers and shoppers. Impudently, some news media outlets have reported campaign
ads, TVcommericials, and financial disclosure and non closure at the root of many of those heated conversations. In 2008, I voted during an unprecedented voter turnout. And in all honesty, I look forward to voting in 2012 not as an Editor, or founder or President of csaccac Inc but as a concern citizen based on fact and proven results.
Bad Break: …then there’s these hair brain ideas that every girl gets every once and while to catapult their career into stardom, in this particular instance I chose the audition for the Next Face of Fox 43! Weeks after I auditioned to be the Next Face of Fox 43! I remained disconcerted, awed,dazed and confused, at the news of not making the Top Twenty. Okay, I had a bad break that didn’t manifest itself until after the official list of the Top Twenty had been posted on the official Fox 43 TV webpage. At first, I didn’t place a lot of emphasis on the contest because I had been engrossed in promoting and advertising my first book. Although, I had been enthused about the contest, I remained fixed on promoting my first book. And truthfully, unless it’s a sport I don’t like to compete and I don’t like being compared,___ rate me ,critic me, theorize me but don’t compare me. For all purpose intended, I entered the contest as an original not a carbon copy, and foremost as a personality to represent Fox 43! and perhaps my own agenda, well__ it’s true, I’ve got a book to sale along the with  membership to  the company’s newsletter. Even though, I believe that much of my work  did and does speak for itself ,in  this particular instance it had not been my work in question but whether or not I could aggregate numbers in followers and fans, not surprisingly, that’s where I had the bad break. Days after the audition, I felt let down and uncertain about the veracity of Social Networking, mainly because I utilized several Social Networking Sites to get votes. Sadly, I didn’t accumulate enough votes through the use of the sites. Outlandishly awful, I know what I did this summer and so does everyone one Twitter, Facebook,Meet me,MySpace, MocoSpace,Linked In, and anyone who tunes into Fox 43!, hyperbole or just one of  those memorable summers. What should have been my Big Break turned into a Bad Break that literally left me at the end of summer working to rebound from a big upset and a Bad Break, I consider summer stuff that doesn’t happen on a quotidian.
About Summer Stuff & Summer’s Serious Side:
Often as consumers and shoppers we think of the summer months as time to break away from our daily routines to enjoy rare moments with family and friends. In most of those instances, as consumers and shoppers  we find ourselves enjoying back yard bar-be-cues,
days on the beach, and rare family moments at amusement parks, family picnics, and outdoor concerts, certainly, the summer months for a lot consumer and shoppers throughout years has become  synonymous for relaxation and fun. And for many consumers and shoppers summer stuff takes precedent over all of the other stuff at the top of their to-do-list; egregiously, it’s not a tall order to fill because nearly all of the local chain stores carry many of the items consumers and shoppers frequently purchase during the summer months to assist them in planning their summer days and family getaways. From grills to digital cameras, if you’re planning a simple family picnic or a summer getaway, first checkout your local chain store to stock up on summer stuff. Usually, the summer months does allow consumers and shoppers some down time; sadly, in some instance, the summer months could also become serious as with the devastating wild fires in Waldo Colorado and the deadly shootings in Aurora Colorado. Typically, most consumers and shoppers prepare for road trips and nasty summer weather; oddly, part of summer fun also includes safety and awareness. Unequivocally, summer months continues to be a great time for Glam, Flare, and to be Winged Out &Over the Top, at the same time safety should always come first.
Summer, Glam, Flared, Winged Out & Over the Top:
Fashion during the summer has traditionally been about making a statement from bikini bottoms to flip-flops, and sandals. Truthfully, the summer months often brings in new fashion trends, and lots of fashion fun. True, it’s no secret I’m not a fashion editor, but I do know a little or maybe a lot about fashion. For instance, chose a style that portrays the real you; don’t be afraid to get professional advice from the pro’s; to get the look of the stars you don’t have to spend a fortune; save the Glam for the evening and night clubs; for the jean lovers, if you love jeans like soooo many girls do, pick a brand and a style that’s right for you. Skinny, Straight, Original Boot Cut, Boot Cut, Bright, Ripped, Cropped & Cuffed, Flared, Acid Wash; today, numerous department stores offer jeans in various brands, styles and sizes, you just have to take your time, try on a few pair and find the right fit. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories, Accessories, cool hand bags, shoes, bracelets, belts, earrings, and nail glam, once again__ the  summer months remains a great time  to rack up on accessories and experiment with different looks before heading back-to-school. Alright, the verdict is in you love being  Over-the-Top, then the summer months as always continues to be best time  to show off your style and express your individuality before heading back-to-class where the dress code rules.
(10) Things I like about pink:
Very few colors encapsulate the youth and innocence of being a girl like pink. Throughout years, I have worn a variety of colors to school and to work. In fact, I often wore neutral colors that I could easily mix and match without having to ask “does this match?” Black, white, tan, dark navy, gray, brown and even red, I often chose to wear at least one of the colors if not all of them during a season or fashion trend instead of pink all throughout  middle school, high school ,as college student and well into adulthood. Sure, I might have worn the color pink in elementary school; a fashion trend short lived once I entered middle school and began choosing the clothing I wanted to wear to school. At a very young age, I had been introduced to color pink with the aid of store bought toys, dolls, and makeup. And in all honesty, Mattel the maker of Barbie left an impressionable print on my brain about beauty and the color of pink. Back then___ I perceived the color pink to be an iconic symbol for girls. Admittedly, as I grew older I out grew the color pink___ so, I had thought. Truthfully, I didn’t view the color pink as a versatile color. Straight forwardly speaking, one of the main reasons I didn’t  perceive pink as a versatile color had been based on the fact  that I frequently associated the  the color pink with dolls, little girls ,and extreme girlness. Ostensibly, during the maturation process, I continued to perceive pink as an iconic symbol of extreme feminity. Add to the fact, a main reason I had not considered wearing pink as an adult because I felt I wouldn’t be taken seriously at school and work. Besides, the  two main reasons  that I hadn’t considered wearing pink as an adult  (1) I felt that pink hadn’t  been a versatile color,(2) I also felt I would be taken seriously if I wore pink to school and work ;above all, I had been taught appropriate work attire consisted  of knee length skirts, natural and natural tone stockings ,conservative makeup. In the era that I had been raised the Gods or the fashion police had  declared that neutral and natural tones  to be the most appropriate work attire for men and women,unbelievably, today that  declaration still holds true in most workplaces. After, I graduated from high school and went  on to college directly after my high school graduation, I quickly learned during the summer months when I returned back to home town to look for seasonal employment all that I had been taught about workplace attire had been accurately portrayed. Inculcated with videos, workbooks, demonstration, I had been trained in appropriate work attire for each job I applied for employment, and not surprisingly nearly all of them had the same guidelines for appropriate workplace attire; in some instances, I had been required to wear a uniform. As I revisit the days of being a sales associate and cashier, I certainly had received a lot of training in customer service. Typically, I prefer solids, very few prints, and no wording on shirts or tees. Today, I am not so closed minded, especially, when it pertains to the color pink. Since becoming the Founder & President of csaccac Inc, I have found that I gravitate towards the color pink a lot more than I ever had in my adolescence and college years. Of course, I attribute the luv I feel towards pink to a few of the charities that I advocate along with the fact it’s prevalent in the company’s logo and trademark. Despite all that I have learned about workplace attire, I m not ruling out the color pink while pink might not  have been the first choice back then it’s get my attention and not just on Barbie. Aside from the two main reasons I hadn’t considered wearing pink as an adult, here’s (10) things I like about pink (1) there’s an array of pink hues (2)contrary to my initial belief pink is an versatile color  you can wear with black, white and khaki (3) because of the various hues the color could be worn to work and to school (4) it exudes feminity (5) it’s an iconic symbol (6) it’s a great color to wear during the summer (7)the color pink has both a soft and vibrant side (8) I love to wear it for favorite charities (9)  (10) most of all the color pink exudes the effeminate manners of being a girl.

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