Stuff that makes a winner,you might be surprise how many people really are winners including you.

“…winners never quit& quiters never win”
You can still be a winner even if you don’t measure up to someone elses expectations.Two months after I audition for the Next Face of Fox 43!,I hadn’t quite gotten over not being in the Top 20. Admittedly,one of the main reasons I got sooo upset stemmed from the fact that I utilized a number of Social Networking Sites to get the word out that I audition to be the Next Face of Fox 43! In fact,the day after the audition I had felt really good about the video I submitted to enter the contest taken by fox 43! officials;today I continue to feel good about the video I submitted even though,it hadn’t been good enough to get me in the Top 20! Veritably, all through out the contest winning had not been an all consuming thought,in other words,I didn’t eat,sleep,and fantasize about winning everyday because it had been stuff I perform often updating Social Networking Sites,Blogging,Writing, and viewing select tv shows. Unlike,the experience I went through in completing the publish process that did consume my thoughts almost everyday until the day of completion of my first book,egregiously,I didn’t let thought of making the Top 20! consume my every thought. Certainly,Im sure you probably heard of the cliche “everybody hates a loser and loves a winner”,well,in some instances that might be true for a bunch over zealous hormones;however,I like to believe people hate winners that are bullies and have more respect for losers who play by the rules. Whether there’s a gene,or a formula, here’s the stuff that I have read,learned and observed through out the years that makes a winner. If you have felt the losing spirit like I experienced in the Next Face of Fox 43! contest then the list of stuff that makes winner might lift your spirits. After several days of bewilderment,and disbelief,I wrote down the fantasy five that’s the stuff that makes dreams a reality and it is also the stuff makes a winner.
Fantasy Five ( stuff that makes a winner)
1) You give 110% of yourself to everything that you plan to achieve.
2) You stick with your goals until each one of them has been accomplish.
3) You don’t make excuses,you just do what has to be done to reach each one of your goals.
4) You invite competion know when to play by the rules,and learn from the achievements of other successful people.
5) You don’t let winning rule your every thought,instead you focus on sincerity,style,structure,form,and accuracy.

Besides,it doesn’t take a lot to be a winner,and you might be surprise how many people really are winners including you.

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