Excerpt From What’s With All That Stuff,cacjohnson!#@!Every Girl’s Guide To Stuff On A Budget &Inside Secrets About Stuff.

Rejection is a part of Every Girl’s Life and rejection is normal. Outrageously bad, the biggest point anyone could bring up about rejection  is it can happen to the best and the meanest girl__anytime,anywhere. And perphaps,you thought after your highschool and college graduation, you wouldnt ever have to deal with rejection on such a grande scale as you experienced in your pre teens,teens,and college years. Well__the truth about rejection  is it doesnt always happen right a way,sometimes rejection lingers around a girl’s life waiting for the right moment to crush her spirits  and douse all her hopes and dreams. And for many girls being rejected might seem like the end of the earth,in the same way ,a lot of older women often feel when they get stood up for a date,their boyfriend of umpteen years ask an one of their college classmates hands in marriage, or they don’t land the jobs of their dreams. Make no qualms about it,rejection is ugly ,hurtful,and painful at moment it rears its nasty head. Wistfully,there comes a point in time or moment in time that Every Girl must deal with rejection. If you thought rejection during your high school and college years had been horrible,horrific,awful,detestable,dreadful,loathsome,terrifying, and obscene__then being jilted or jaded  just might take you over-the-edge. Throughout the years,I have observed that most girls often feel jilted or jaded when things  dont  go their way including moi. At this moment Im going to pause to press the rewind button to answer the question:What does it really mean to feel jilted or jaded? Unlike rejection,to feel jilted is to feel as if someone has taken  someone or something very important a way from  you that you cant get back almost like having a death in your immediate family. Of course,not Every Girl gets rejected in the same manner and not Every Girl feels jilted over the same stuff.  Alright!  it’s  true,sometimes as girls we exaggerate, and dramatize the situation to be more than what it really appears  to be at the moment the feeling drop kicks us in the head. Being jilted or jaded like rejection often causes Every Girl  to see things and stuff not too clearly because our eyes are soooo,swollen with tears and our thoughts  are racing with anger from feelings of being  jilted or jaded,, this can happen to best and the meanest girl. Every Girl who has dealt with rejection and feelings of being jilted or jaded knows its takes more than a walk in the park to get over (the hurtful memories) being jilted or jaded. Now,pause with me ,and take a few seconds to think about the first time you felt jilted or jaded,do you remember the exact day,exact situation ,and the exact time you felt jilted or jaded,do you remember what caused you to feel jilted or jaded was it a person,a puchase,or a specific situation? Let’s be truthful,both jilted and jaded are two very strong   words. Admittedly,I don’t refer to the terms often, its only a handful situations  that I might used the terms without  causing misinterpretation of the meaning of the words;egregiously,shopping happens to be one of those situations. From all outward appeances it seems  that  nearly Every Girl loves to shop,so__when I think of being jilted or jaded while shopping, it’s quite heart wrenching. As a matter of fact,on most of the shopping trips  I take during the year to visit local chain stores and grocery stores within the community,most assuredly,nine times out of ten Im not thinking about being jilted or jaded before I enter the store. In fact for some girls shopping is a form of therapy,I personally  feel that shopping should be fun,therapeutic and not a tedious or dreaded chore that no wants to peform. Morosely,the thought of being jilted or jaded on a shopping excurision is cause for alarm for Every Girl.Verily,Every Girl doesnt shop in all the same places, Every Girl doesn’t purchase the same stuff ,and above all, Every Girl isnt an All Around Shopper. Ostensibly ,some girls like to shop only in malls,department stores,outlet malls,boutiques,consignment shops,thrift stores,yard sales,while others only like to  shop online and then there’s those girls who like to shop in well known chain stores such as Wal mart,Kmart, and Target. Since moving to Virginia in December of 2005, I have developed a penchant  for shopping in chain stores. And in all honsety,after the economic recession of 2008,I began to frequently shop in local chain stores. First and foremost, I prefer shopping chain stores because they offer a variety products. On
the whole,most local chain stores such as ( Walgreens,Rite Aid,CVS ,Save-A-Lot,Dollar General,Family Dollar,Kmart and Wal mart)  all offer brand name stuff and store  brand stuff. Unequivocally,in most retail stores  such as (Marshall,TJ Maxx,Ross,Burlington Coat Factory and Stein Mart)  that   specificlly sells  clothing,shoes,accessories,linen,home decor and jewelry,certainly,a consumer and shopper won’t find a grocery aisle,or an aisle with household cleaning supplies,if you do please let me know where and what store,but for the most part these stores strictly sell non pershiables and ready to wear apparel. Overall,I have  found that  most local chain stores offer an array of products in both brand name and store brand.Whereas,most retail stores tend to sell designer name stuff and specific brand name stuff. ,if  you’re an expert  to intermediate consumer or shopper than you probably recognize some of the terms and shopping  jargon I have mentioned,for example brand name stuff and store brand stuff.Right now,Im going to briefly pause to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the difference between designer name stuff,brand name stuff  store brand stuff,and generic stuff. First,designer name and brand name stuff each is basically a label, or a name of a manufacturer, person ,or company that is known for its quality,price, and has over the years become widely popular with consumers and shoppers. Both a consumer and a shopper, I have purchased at different  periods in my life designer stuff (not a lot),brand name stuff(frequently), store brand stuff(regularly) and generic stuff(not my favorite stuff to purchase). Usually,the determination  factor that I apply when in stores while shopping whether to  buy designer,brand,store brand or genric stuff boils down to three basic pieces of information (1) the type of product or item Im looking to purchase (2) how I plan  to use or apply the product (3) and most importantly,what’s in my budget?
No matter the event, no ifs ands and buts about  it almost nearly Every Girl loves to shop,lastly,here’s some advice for the percentage of the girls who  say they dont  love to  shop or wont admit they love to shop___


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