A Writer’s Response

Recently,I read a blog written in the words of a blogger Kristen Lamb whom I have a subscription to her blog. An inbox filled with emails and spam,the title of her blog (Pina Colada Pedicures & Gunpowder Body Lotion-The Differences Between Sexes) immediately caught my attention. Eventually,once I got past the title of the blog__I found the content to be pretty interesting,largely in part because I’ve been a fan of aromatherapy for several years. During the course of time that Ive known about aromatherapy,I learned that certain scents help promote Wellness & Balance. From the moment, I read the title of Kristen Lamb’s blog,I  felt compelled to find out what the rest of blog had to say about scents and fragrances. Rarely,do I stumble upon a blog that sparks my interest right a way. In this particular instance,Kristen Lamb’s blog didn’t fall into the category of  a lot of blogs that I normally stumble upon (save until a later date or put into an email folder to read on a different day.) On the whole,I thought Kristen Lamb listed some pretty good points for the reason women choose fragrant products. Of course___her comment “Girls buy products that smell like all the stuff we’d love to eat if we weren’t trying to fit into something other than pregnancy pants” I couldn’t fully relate to because I have not been pregnant,although,the first part of the comment hit a home run. It’s true,I often prefer to purchase everyday hygiene and household products that is offered in a variety of scents and fragrants. Nowithstanding the fact,one of the main reasons,I love to shop in malls and chain stores is because they offer a variety of products and stuff that is scented. Not an everyday occurrence,as I perused through Kristen Lamb’s blog,I found that I totally concurred with one of her  statements “We don’t see body sprays that smell like barbecue or deodorants that smell like beer or a Philly cheese-steak…” Veritably,Im not too keen on manly foods being made into body sprays and don’t think Id ever consider wearing manly body spray;unless,out of some strange act of fate or  if I felt crazed,over-the-edge,and wanted to bait a man out of spite,then,I might consider thinking about wearing a manly scent. For years,I frequently purchased products that offered scented and unscented versions of products such as  shaving cream,deordorant,body lotion,candles,laundry detergent,shampoo,lip gloss,and body wash. Today,I continue to be attracted to scented hygiene and household products.Observant of the different products those in my close cotiere purchase,I began to purchase similar products once I gained autonomy. What seemed like the in thing at the time,all throughout,my teens as well as my twenties,the years I attended college,I loved to purchase products from different manufacturers and stores that offered an array of scented products. Not surprisingly,it’s a practice that I kept simply because I loved scented products. Admittedly,two of my favorites places to shop,especially,during my colleges years for fragrances,body lotions and intimate apparel included Bath&Body and Victoria Secret. While reading Kristen Lamb’s blog,I recognize the reason I choose scented products frequently when shopping. And,I realized the reason I tend to choose scented and fragrant products had not left my thought for a second. In actuality,reading Kristen Lamb’s blog help to jog and refresh my memory. And in all honesty,the thoughts  I held about fragrant products hadnt change much from those those thoughts I held during my pre adolescence. Ostensibly,from as far back as my days in Elementary school,I loved and gravitated towards scented products. As a matter of fact,one of the top reasons,I continue to choose scented products,part of the reason stems from childhood practices,and the other part stems  from the fact that I automatically think of scented products as being feminine. Despite many of the reasons I could state in this blog on what attracts women to scented products,straightforwardly speaking,and only speaking on my behalf,I choose scented products more frequently simply because I connect femininity with scented products…No ifs ands buts about it,girly scents have girly power in the same way manly scents have manly power….At the age of forty,Im not ready to completely give up all scented and fragrant products,some years back, all the rage relating to the trend of purchasing everyday hygiene and household products had been to select hypo allergenic and animal free products,today,it’s green products. Yes! I followed both trends,dolefully,unintentionally and haphazardly,after a few months I lost sight of both trends(hypo allergenic and animal free.) Amazingly and somewhat shocking,it’s not a bad thing because I learned to read labels.In fact ,today,I continue to read the labels of many of the products I purchase from perishiables to non perishiables. ,overall,I found Kristen Lamb’s blog to be funny and entertaining.


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