Next Face of Fox 43!

On June 11th a Friday,I woke up a few hours earlier than I normally would during the week.Next,I performed my daily regimen that includes washing my face,brushing my teeth,and combing my hair. Then,I began to put on the dress that I had chosen to wear the day before,a black and white halter dress that I purchased from Walmart online. On this particular day,I prepared to attend the big event as I often prepare to perform my weekly and monthly errands. After completing my daily regimen,I hit the door to catch the bus to attend the big event. And in all honestly,I didn’t feel nervous or intmidated to attend the event. Uncertain what to expect,I arrived two hours ahead of time at the place where the big event was being held. Upon my arrival,I immediately knew I was in the right place because of the large posters placed inside the building windows advertising the big event. Not quite sure if there would a long line outside the door when I would arrive, I showed up with two pairs of shoes,a pair of flats and the shoes I wanted to wear to the big event. As it turned out,when I arrived there would be no long lines at the door, at the moment it set into my mind that I had arrived at the right place, I chose not to stand at the door like a geek or a nerd and walked around a bit which really turned out great because it allowed me to go live on Ustream and record one unrehearsed episode of Get Twice the Luv plus promote my book. Truthfully,I had previously been to the place where the big event had been held to visit the different shops in the area. Because I had been to place where the big even would take place months before,I didn’t exude too much nervousness. Alright,let me rewind and go back a few weeks leading up to the big event. For several months,I had been working on my first book What’s With All That Stuff,cacjohnson!#@!(A Shopper’s Guide to Better Shopping). Admittedly,as an English major and former eight grade teacher,I didn’t feel intimidated with the publishing process,however,months later I would become exasperated and disconcerted with the editing process,other than that I look forward to having my first book publish. Ultimately,I chose to attend the big event,the Next Face of Fox 43! Tv auditions,mainly,once again,to give my hand at the old college try of being a Tv personality as well as promote my book. Instead of doing the same old same old thing on Friday June the 11th,I attended the Face of Fox 43! Tv audition. Friday,June 11th,was unlike most Fridays,I stepped
out of my comfort zone to do something different with a prize at the end if I win the contest the Next Face of Fox 43! Tv audition. While the prize would be great,but for those of you who really know the real me,than you know it’s not the prize___it’s all about doing what you love.Add to the fact,once you read the contest rules then you’ll understand Im not just a pretty face,most importantly,I like my work & art to speak for itself.—cacjohnson


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