Brownie Lovers,Get It In Chunks.

A few years back, while watching the Martha Stewart show,I gained an interest in blogging. In one of the segments that I viewed,Martha Stewart discussed blogging and described her blog posts. Basically,during the segment Martha Stewart stated that her blogs consist of a pic and a brief statement of what’s going on in the pic. After viewing the segment,I got interested in blogging but wasn’t ready to blab my personal life all over the internet. Eventually,I decided that I would blog but not everyday and that my blogs would focus on my new career. Since then____I have committed to a monthly blog and in 2012 I made it a New Year’s Resolution that I would be consistent with my blogs. When I reflect back on  viewing the Martha Stewart segment,one of the reasons I really liked her blog because it was simple and curt. Recently, I commented on a few blogs and mentioned to the blogger about trying the Brownie Overload Approach,it might sound conflicting;however,it is an approach as Brownie and Girl Scout,I caught on too quickly.  In the Girl Scouts,I learned things in chunks and so did the other girls,Girl Scout leaders often focused on one badge at a time,and did not overload the girls with too much information allowing them to retain a skill then move on to the next badge___I mean have you seen the Girl Scout Handbook__the Handbook I had was enormous. Back then,I would not have even attempted to open the thing without a parent or a Girl Scout leader. Although,my Brownie days remain a thing of the past,I still get that feeling of overload every now and then,okay,frequently when I check my emails and sort spam,and very often when selecting blogs to read,to follow and blogs to make comments. On the days that I stop to read blogs,I have observed many of them contain a lot of information,and Yes!__Ladies we know there’s a lot of blogs and bloggers out there each hoping that their words won’t fall on deaf ears. To a novice blogger the humongous amount of blogs on the internet might make them feel like a fish out of water. Let’s face it ladies many of us bloggers,tweeters,writers,consumers and shoppers get pulled in so many different each day that sitting down to read a blog the size of a sports article gets a little exasperating. Believe it or not,even this blog might be a little exasperating to some bloggers,and that is the reason I mentioned the Brownie Overload Approach because tweeting and blogging ain’t the same. Let’s be truthful it takes more brain cells to blog than to tweet,I love Brownies and,I love my Brownies in chunks and I feel same about reading and writing blogs__would you love more chunks and less overload?

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