A Writer’s Response

In response to
Stress Less, Write More
by Author Kristen Lamb:
Author,Educator,Motivator,Free Lance Write,Editor,Founder & President of the csaccac Newsletter,I write best sitting at desk with all of the necessary tools at my finger tips. And in all honesty,I love to write just as much as I love to shop but there is an exception to the reason I write less ,one I dont like people anticipating my every word, I dont like people reading over my shoulder and I dont like people writing for me. I write to hear my voice ,to state actual experience,to help others through my experience,as an English major I like to toggle back and forth between technical and creative writing Lol xoxox and so forth… Most importantly,I like my writing to have substance,I want readers to turn the page,read a line ,or a chapter and feel I have added to their self worth ,up lifted their self esteem and have encourage them to try,reach,and strive towards their writing goals. At any rate,I have set my blog to once a month because of the Brownie Overload(too much information) I want readers to think for themselves and not live off my brain cells. In talking about  brain cells,preservation of brain cells is also important,I blog once a month,I write my editor’s note once a month,and all throughout the month I’m working the csaccac Newsletter,I believe writers should try the Brownie Overload Approach, one word,one sentence,one paragraph,one page,one essay,one chapter at a time in their best light.


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