How I Keep It Fresh

Savor the flavor and Get twice the Luv with me (cacjohnson),I’ve got a lot to chat about in this blog, first let’s begin with the csaccac Newsletter that is in its third year, this month the issues front cover will display “March Madness Volume 3 No 3”. As Editor,Founder and President casccac Inc, I have to find new an innovate ways to stay on top of the latest news and keep my writing fresh. Often, I might read the news on my Smart Phone,pick up a magazine,or view a morning news show. After reading two well known magazines,I had a startling revelation that  brought on some pretty familiar emotions. In fact  there is 365 days in a year to shop and on one those days,I read a few articles in Cosmopolitan  and Seventeen. Love,Relationships,Money, Diet, Food and Fashion,don’t be surprise at what you might find inside a magazine these days,I’ve learned things I would not have even entertained in my twenties or while attending college. And watchout for those adverstisement,they got much sexier and naughtier than ever. For years,women have been  the target of advertisement.Daily consumers and shoppers get bombarded with advertisement,especially women. And it is no secret that a lot of  brand name products have been marketed to lure women into stores.  Yes! A lot of stuff goes on each month,at any rate stuff happens at home, at work, on a date, the gist of it all particularly when stuff is at center of attention is not to wander or stray to far from your goals. Next stop the morning news, d uring the month of March,I had the opportunity to view the Hampton Roads Show. Normally,I like to listen to the different morning news shows  to get my day started. On most mornings,it’s not  unusual to catch me  listening to either  Good Morning America, the Today Show or the CBS morning show. And in all honesty, once the morning news goes off air, I usually pull the plug on the television and hit the drawing board. Egregiously, I have admitted in an article or two that I am not a TV buff and that I would rather  wait for a  television series to go into syndication or get placed on a Dvd. Specifically, as a sporadic television viewer, I prefer the morning news,daytime talk shows, and the evening news. Recently,I have found that I am very sensitive to certain segments in the show for instance any of the social commentary related to shopping,debt,fashion and relationships at the rooster crow it is somewhat exasperating but I love to listen to it and watch the fashion trend plus get all of the latest gossip. While it might be odd to house both those emotions in the same body at the same time (exasperating and euphoria ),I frequently experience those emotions when I am viewing one of those segments I mention previously. Towards the end of February, I began to leave the television on just a little  longer and that is when I began viewing the Hampton Roads Show. Surprisingly, one morning in the  month March,I got hot and bothered when I caught the segment with the Coupon Consultant. Here is how it went down, I don’t profess to have a jealous bone in my body and I’m not known for being jealous of people I have never met. Okay, that is all of  the exposition,my heart didn’t race or drop,I think a few thoughts raced across my forehead then I realized I am not a professed coupon guru but I offer coupon as service to consumers and shoppers. Truthfully, I have grappled with the Coupon phenomenon before creating my website and at the onset of the recession. From a Consumer Affairs Consultant, Sales and Service Manager point of view, it has been my goal to offer a variety of services to consumers and shoppers without charging an astronomical fee. Furthermore,I wasn’t necessarily trying to saturate the highly visible and lucrative market of  Coupon guru’s; however,if I am given the opportunity to expand my coupon know how__I have my monthly receipts. The two points I would like to emphasize to my followers and readers I offer a variety of services,I don’t just focus on coupons,even though there’s  several places on the website where consumers and shoppers who want to make their money  stretch have the opportunity to sign up to receive coupon alerts in their inbox. The second point is the banner “An One Stop Shop ” I feel says it all.

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