New Beginnings

On New Year’s Eve,I didn’t make a long list of resolutions,however,I did view Dick Clark’s Rockin New Year’s Eve. Anyway,instead of staying up all night making a long list of resolutions, I like millions of American consumers and shoppers view Dick Clark Rockin the New Year. And in all honesty,shame on me,I didn’t stay awake long enough for the count down to midnight or to see the Big Apple  drop. Admittedly,I did not began to think of resolutions until I turned on the televison onNew Year’s Day while viewing GMA(Good Morning America). As I viewed GMA and as the host began to ask each viewer to state their resolution,I began to get with the program. Veritably,when I first began blogging,I stated this would not be a daily blog and I’m going to hold on to that declaration for now.One month later into the New Year,I haven’t quite lived up to my New Year’s resolution to blog more_so,here’s to New Beginnings and hopefully a year’s worth of  new blogs that equals to one blog a month.—cacjohnson

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