365 days of shopping on one of those days,I chose to Own Pink!

“365 days of shopping on one of those days, I chose to Own Pink by reclaiming and re affirming my life’s mantra in addition to….”

Choosing to celebrate American family tradition,cultural diversity, and life’s imperfections at forty something,I consciously chose each of these distinct, significant, and intricate beliefs including condition during a trenchant as well as a crucial eclectic moment in America. Veritably, I remain resolute and harmonious with the choice to celebrate each of these beliefs and condition because they align themselves with the values and morals imbued through out the entire course of my youth. For years, I have celebrated American family traditions first made known to my sensory perception in the rudimentary stages of my pre adolescence. Of course, one of the most well known American family tradition that I grew up with and remains a tradition in nearly all American homes has been the celebrating of birthdays. Indeed,I have welcomed and celebrated many birthdays,in fact,as a small child, from the moment I understood what birthday celebrations symbolized including the importance of birthdays___not just my own birthday but also those of family,friends,and famous figures in American History, I welcomed them and waited for them with much verve. For now, while I’m in the process of reclaiming the active lifestyle I once lived in my teens and twenties, I’ve chosen to utilize the days,weeks, and months before my fortieth to reclaim and re affirm my life’s mantra “” Yes,without a question, Ive expressed numerous mantras for various as well as specific turning points in my life but of all the mantras Ive recited there’s only one mantra that sums up the ideals,morals and values that Ive lived by for so many years.So, as I slowly encroach upon my fortieth birthday with some trepidation and cynicism, I keep the day held in my subconscious. At the same time, I sit with the harsh reality that millions of men and women won’t be celebrating birthdays this year because of senseless crimes,on going wars,re occurring natural disasters, and disease. In spite of all of the serious stuff that has literally ripped at the core of American values and American way of life, I chose to celebrate American family traditions that has been apart of America’s background for hundreds of years. Notably,American families through out the years has celebrated more than just birthdays. In addition to celebrating birthdays other traditions American families has kept as a part of their family tradition include celebrating New Years Day, Valentine’s Day,Easter,Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,Grandparent’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. All of the American family traditions of planning and preparing to gather with family and friends to commemorate moments in America’s history plus to recognize the significant achievements of American men and women remains a tradition I continue to treat with deference. Although, at this present moment,I do not have a family of my own to plan and share in these priceless moments, I continue to look forward to the holidays that many American family traditions has been founded upon, especially,those traditions derived out of American History such as Thanksgiving Day. Instead of completely expunging many of the American family traditions I grew up with because of the consecutive wars,re occurring natural disasters in addition to the economic upheaval that has wreaked havoc in the lives of millions of Americans living in the United States,I chose to celebrate American family traditions that has shaped, molded, and impacted my life. Not surprisingly, all of the fore mentioned events makes it difficult to ignore the fact the American way of life has been altered. And for those who reverence American family tradition,dolefully,it has become a reminder of America’s tragic past. Admittedly,one of the most challenging task,I encountered during the recession primarily has been not to become overwhelmed,discouraged and intimidated with news reports. Subsequently,the other challenge has been to learn to realize in the words of author Sue Patton Thoele “Many unacceptable things happen to us in a life time. Paradoxically,in order to live life to the fullest, we must learn to accept all of life’s incidents_the wonderful and the terrible…” Essentially,”knowing we are in charge of our attitude is one of the most life-enhancing realization…”[Sue Patton Thoele] Plus realizing that “Yes,negative things happen,Yes, there is much pain and suffering -in the world and in our lives…”[Sue Patton Thoele] Nonetheless we must somehow learn to give gratitude often and frequent despite adversities. Straight forwardly speaking, in my adolescence and college years I have grappled with this one simple life changing task. Lastly, as author Sue Patton Thoele so poetically wrote in the Woman’s Book of Courage “Gratitude is a tail wind that enable us to move farther faster…” In the same breath as I chose to celebrate American family tradition, I also chose to celebrate cultural diversity. Reverentially, I chose to celebrate cultural diversity because I grew up surrounded by different nationalities and cultures. First and foremost, I didn’t hesitate to accept this belief of celebrating different cultures mainly because respect for other cultures has been consistently inculcated in my education and upbringing. Even though , I did not know the technical term at the time;however, without a question the years I participated in the Girl scouts certainly help to reinforce the importance of cultural diversity. Eventually, I grew to understand the significance of cultural diversity after attending a historically black university (HBU) then improvidently,after graduation, I entered the workforce. As a result of the emphasis on cultural diversity through out my education and adolescence, I expressed deference for different religions as well as cultures. And even today, I continue to remain affix in celebrating those differences that has shaped,molded, and impacted America’s core foundation. Sadly, the American family traditions Iloved and shared with family and friend has become vivid images of the me of yesterday. ,I keep those images and pictures locked in my secret place in the recess of my mind only to retrieve them during each of the holidays. Egregiously, some of those memories has been placed in a photo album and scrap book that I haven t quite finished. Ostensibly, some of of life’s most difficult challenges causes us to grow in place we never knew existed,I for one can definitely attest to that fact_since everything I grew to love has been altered drastically in such a short period of time.And I guess that’s just it _somewhat odd but the air does seems to be different forty,anyhow for now,I’ve begun to work to reclaim and re affirm my life’s mantra while choosing to celebrate life’s imperfections at forty something.


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