God don’t like ugly email secrets & too many passwords: Confession of An Email Addict

Some consumers and shoppers hoard food while other shoppers hoard clothes,shoes,purses,electronics and a lot of other stuff basically filling their closets and totes with just about anything that’s within range of their budget or a friends credit card.At the very moment ,I on the other hand have taken to hoarding emails. Although, I have been guilty of hoarding other stuff in the past__it’s just within say about the last five years that I began hoarding emails. Veritably, the average consumer or shopper might question whether hoarding emails is a sign of an email addiction.Straight forwardly speaking,in most instance when it comes to my emails,I don’t delete my older emails, I transfer my spam to the inbox, and I also create new email accounts to hold the overflow. Often fearful ,exasperated and disconcerted that Imight of read an email incorrectly or not thoroughly read through my emails,I check my emails daily. Normally,I check my emails at least two to three times a day .First and foremost, I have not always had an email addiction. Admittedly,I establish my email account in 2004 to perform job searches as well as to receive notification of jobs as they became available in the city that I reside during that particular time. Egregiously,I kept my first email account. As of today, I continue to use the same account to correspond with potential employers and clients. At this very moment,I have about 30,000 emails in my first email account excluding spam. Hotmail,Gmail,Ymail,AoL,Aim,MSN Messgner, plus Myspace,MocoSpace,& Facebook,as it turns out,it’s a little bit humorous but I have email accounts with each of these internet apps.Indeed,consumers and shoppers have all types of addictions from food,shopping and sex.Instead of being addicted to some of the stuff that’s considered a “norm” in the United States, Im addicted to my emails.As I previously stated,I check emails daily.Typically,I check my emails at least two to three times a day,often fearful, exasperated  and disconcerted with many of my emails because for most part most of the emails in my inbox is either advertisment or solicitation. Hello,my name is cacjohnson and I am a email addict along with a few other secret addictions.Besides being a shopaholic,I also have an email addiction.So…just for today,Savor the flavor and Get Twice the Luv with me (cacjohnson)as I expose Confession of An Email Addict. It’s totally outrageous at the age of thirty-nine on the verge of ,yep,the big 4-0 to have to divulge I am an email addict.Quite a startling revelation that Im anemail addict plus  one of my really big email secrets is I have sooo many  passwords that after several attempts to log in into my emails accounts and being forced to click forget password,I eventually had to write all of my email passwords down in a spiral notebook.Conversely ,I don’t like to delete my older emails,I create emails accounts to hold the influx of emails from my other accounts,I transfer my spam to my inbox. Apparently,God dont like ugly email secrets because I could put my hand on the bible an atest  to  the fact  that some of my emails disappear and Im not talking about the ones in spam. And, God doesnt like too many passwords because I have experienced days when I go to log in or sign in to my  email account and the password doesnt take on the first log in or sign-in. Sadly,I have ten email accounts and Im not making money on any of the email accounts listed. However, it’s quite unusual almost weird that I keep checking my email accounts daily. Even though, I hate to admit  being an email addict,surprisingly,  something as simple as checking my  emails in the morning, afternoon  and at nite before I go to bed has turned into an addiction—Confession of An Email Addict


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