Tackling life from the sidelines

   Unequivocally,life standing on the sidelines is totally different from life on the playing field. Veritably,I learned at a young age if I wanted to succeed or be successfull in life,eventually,I’d have to get on the field and play.At the same time,as I maturated,the rudimentary concepts and principles of life I learned during pre-adolescence began to expand,develop, and imbue the fabric of  my being while I stumbled through the pre-adolescence process. Specifically, I vividly remember a particular morning  that had a direct impact on the events of my life .During my pre-adolescences, I lived with both my parents in a rented a two bedroom duplex. Not surprisingly(of course to the average middle class black family that normally has a televison in every room)the  room that I spent much of my pre-adolescence time  contained a twin bed  decorated with pink and floral bed set, a brown desk , a television and an arm chair. On this particular morning,my dad enters my room and pulled back my pink shears,instantly,I became exasperated as the sun glared in my face. Immediately, as I felt the sun in my eyes I crawled under my bed to continue sleeping;of course, my father a stern strict man in his early thirties didnt like the gesture I made of crawling under the bed to get out of the direct sunlight and began one of his tirades. Imperiously, he espoused  his philosophy about life with the statement “the world is not going to find you in this room..,” Indeed that particular morning has remained in my psyche. Shortly after the morning my father entered my room and pulled back the pink shears and espouse his philosophy on life,instead of sleeping late in the mornings, I began a morning routine of performing household chores and homework.Clearly, life has a way of directing us to our higher calling whether  or not a person choose to listen  that’s personal predilection;however, on this particular morning I began to view my father’s statement as being factual and true” life is not going to find in my room”‘ In spite of my past disagreements with my dad ,I did wake up and get from under my bed to join the rest of the civilization. Although,I  could have enumerated certain incidents that I remained pertinacious and reclacitrant in my habits,ways, and thougths about life, love and friendship;I didnt exude those thoughts on this particular morning,admittedly, I remained resolute on getting more sleep until my dad walked into the room.Incontrovertibly,the training I received  at home and  in school prepared  me for life on the playing field and help lessen the blows of the growing up as a only child with lots of aunts,uncles,and cousins.Dolefully, the training did not cease  pernicious injuries I received on the playing field. Surprisingly, I continued to receive pernicious injuries  after graduating from high school while on the playing field . Throughout, my highschool years I applied my father’s philosophy and got involved  with student government; I  joined the debate team plus volunteered to assist in school sponsored events. Nonetheless,during my adolescents, I often had a proclivity to see myself  not as others perceived,in fact,this false perception often wreak havoc  on my social life. In certain instances,while on the playing field I exuded less than effeminate qualities.As a result o f my experiences on the playing field ,I remained resolute to not let life on the field  harden,tarnish  and blacken my attitude towards others especially towards those who have perdure the same life on the same field.Just the same, life on the playing field has a  way of bringing out both the best and worst individuals.Typically,I have found that most people on the playing  field at least have a high school diploma or GED and they either had been born  in the United States or had been descendant of a naturalized citizen.A t any rate, life on the playing field consist of all types of people  (men and women) with one main goal to make a touchdown.Generally,a majority of people of on the playing field have encountered obstacles and hardship,still, there remains a  number of people on the playing field who’ve never experienced a hardship  an obstacle or a block day in their life.Essentially, life on the playing field does not always depict an accurate picture of life. Often with time age and injuries,life on the playing field gets reality and fantasy mingled and meshed  together thus causing  a distortion of images. Certainly, getting on the playing field isn’t all that bad; however, it becomes tedious almost savagery when people suffer from fatigue and numerous injuries. From the time, I first  learned that I would have to get on the field and play there were others sitting and waiting on the bench (some patiently and others anxiously) to get their  turn on the playing field. Indisputably, each of our experiences on the playing  field has not all been the same; I commend all of the people who have gotten on the playing in spite of their  family, and financial background.Ruefully,life on playing on field sometimes takes unexpected turns but it’s the years of sitting waiting and observing life from the bench that  oftens helps  a person to get a touchdown.In the past,I got motivated by setting goals to reach on the field.Egregiously,many of the goals I set to reach on the field  I did  accomplish….so just envision what type  or quality of life I would have had if my father allowed me to sleep through the morning. Astonishingly,today, I’m not mad with my dad for getting  me from under my bed. Besides “the early bird catches the worm“, I’d miss all of the morning cartoons and breakfast plus I would have gotten upset if we had a unexpected morning guest and I wasn’t dressed;more importanly,I would have missed out on some of life’s important lesson as well as life’s precious moments with my family.Ostensibly,I learned in that brief moment there’ was more to life than what was in my room or under the bed .. Today, I’m tackling life from the sidelines with a little  less physical contact. Most assuredly, I will get back on the playing field, however, next time I’ll make sure to wear a helmet.

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