The Delany files:#475 case of Unrequital Love



I love a good mystery just as those hard nose die hard mystery buffs  from my childhood such as Charlie Chan & Son, Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys,Angela Lansberry plus  a few others that I didnt mention in my  list of names. As a Consumer Affairs Consultant, Sales and Service Mgr,  a lot  happens  in the process while I am preparing  to shop, write articles and make new contacts. On the  days  that I do not tweet  or blog daily, I am often confronted with resistance ,oppostion  from nay sayers and onlookers, as well as financial hardship, in addtion to being bombarded daily with calls from bill collectors and waking up to the smell of  not coffee but   4 or 5  really loud alarms that I set on my  phone as a reminder. At times,I  am often left wondering where my next meal  is coming from or if  I’ll have a roof over my head at the end of the  month. At any rate, I continue  to read and  to write,and I continue to press my way through obstacles and opposition. If I described my daily routine and the manner I get up each day,I might state that is similar  to an athlete in training camp that works out everyday then gets beat with a baseball bat at the end of each training session and returns to work the next day  for another round of trail outs  and gets beat again. Of course,in some instances,  readers might consider my analogy a hyperbole but I consider it not too far from the truth. Veritably, my  daily encounters with strangers and those I am somewhat familiar with changes month to month. Nonetheless, although, the daily grime of beating out another article or reading another book might not seem relevant to my job  but by the end of the day__ it’s all very cognate. However,  the greatest mystery that has presented itself to me  begins  in the case of unrequital love… an empty mail box, no reponse  to articles ( Love It,Hate It, Better than the Rest), no shopping photos taken with cell phone cameras,or digital cameras,absolutely no inquiry as into what  is  or who is  cacjohnson it is a mystery that has presented it self for some months now _exactly to no avail. Ultimately,I planned to spend the next  few weeks working on  the details of  both my web sites while keeping an eye out to the answer to this mystery of unrequital love.—cacjohnson

PS..Yes, I have a few leads & clues to  begin with  but one must rule out insanity even moreso (a black market baby.)


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