Oh,He_ yes !! Let’s Go There…

"365 Days of Shopping,on one of those days, I visited http://www.cacjohnson.com

Oh,Hexx yes!! Let’s Go There..

Instead of writing my blog on the day it first entered my blogosphere as I began to experience an adrenaline  rush and the emotions towards whatever the he xx I was feeling seemed to the up-most exigent ,at that moment,not one word was written.2 days after Super Bowl Sunday,the idea to write a blog stayed in remnants of my mind ie my blogosphere , oddly,not one word was written until today at 3:51pm  February 9,2010. As stumble I through this blog in trying to recall what was so exigent at that moment the feelings of that day remain elusive;however,I recall last year about this time  only few days after the Super Bowl XLIII I wrote brief an article ,alright, (more like a paragraph) and in that paragraph I stated ‘the steps we are taking today will never again be taken in exactly the same way. Thoughts we are thinking are fresh, never to be repeated.All these moments offer will never pass our way again.”Precisely , at this moment while I read my scribble scrabble of f the back of a printout that tells me my card number ,more specifically, my library card number and how much it cost to print from the print machine in the computer lab, yes, I mentioned the word ,the place, the library, because technically  it’s the public library that I frequent to access the internet as well as perform job searches, because it”s cost efficient and these days I’m on budget  plus it’s part of my job to find savings, at any rate;veritably, at this particular moment  I could not tell you what the Sam he xx I felt was so exigent on Super Bowl Sunday that I wanted to jump out of my bed with my hair unkempt, my teeth hadn’t been brushed basically, I was wide-eyed and freaky tail looking a far cry from aVictoria Secret or America’s Top model on a good without makeup. Anyway, exactly what emotion or event irked me to the point to get the urge  to jump out of my bed stop reading my YA (young adult) book “Getting the  Girl (A Guide to Private Investigations,Surveillance, And Cookery)on a Super Bowl Sunday other than the fact I had  felt some really intense motivation to write a blog  about this mysterious emotion or maybe it was present social condition ie  none. From what I am able to recall, I was sitting in my bed reading  what some readers might consider a good read with the TV turned down low watching Super Bowl  pre-game show when Isuddenly felt disconcerted, exasperated, and exhausted from the recent bdays events. As a matter of fact now that I am tracing the day , I believe it was combination of  bad food or poor food choice then again I didn’t get up to enter  the kitchen to attempt to make breakfast, so it must have been something I ate the day before ,I totally  could not tell you what was so exigent at the moment. As I previously stated or have alluded to in my writings, I have a strong penchant for caffeine and prefer to  drank Coke a Cola however lately  I have left  the Coke  on the shelf for  a liter of Pepsi;nevertheless,I do know if that was cause of my sudden mood swing in fact I didn’t realize it was a mood swing until I began typing this blog okay now I’m writing I’m typing my thought s as they float around in my blogosphere but it’s not really my blogosphere until I post blog  with my other blogs. Oh,Hexx yes,Let’s Go There, egregiously , I cant take you there because I donated my car.— Social Life 

And that statement I mentioned during the last Super Bowl”The steps we are taking today will never again be taken in exactly the same way. Thoughts we are thinking are fresh, never to be repeated.All these moments offer will never pass our way again.“,it’s true, just as I was  completing this blog and ready to upload it on the internet; I empty the contents of my purse on the table and the floor to  only realize I was missing a battery then right in the middle of searching 4 the battery my mom calls my business line. I answer the phone  while she calmly states she doesnt have her house key and politely ask how far from the house  am I. Suddenly, I’m beginning  to feel that same emotion I felt on Super Bowl Sunday with much intensity,inspite of the my dilema, I state to my mom on the phone “give  me about fifteen to twenty minutes” when she states “it’s raining outside I’ll come and get you“, I say just give me a couple minutes,a few minutes later I call her back .  One hour passes from time I called my mom back from time she picked me up and I opened the door, I do not feel the same intensity from the time I completed this  blog.Everyone has a story to tell, I’m no tattle teller or a liar okay an intentional liar but what makes my story different  from someone else other than the fact that I’m the one telling it.

A final tid bit or PS I Love You ,I just complete“Faking 19 “ for Valentines a good read.—xoxocacjohnson

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