Love rhyme:chocolate covered cherries in&out season

“Sweet dreams are made of these who am I to disagree, travel the world in the seven seas everybody looking for something…sweet dreams are made of these big guns little guns, chocolated covered cherries in out season, a rhyme without reason dying before your season..sweet dreams are made of these caught up in the rapture of  love sending you empty box of chocolate and some black roses then maybe youll begin to love yourself while sitting home with  my wife and kids I told you nothings etched in stone you never know who you gonna love; love make things happens doesnt mean I ll leave my wife and kids for you tired you sang the same old song when somebody gonna love me I already had my heart broken love with your heart listen to your mind dont let  BET,and TV One  make the choice for u remember your dreams dont let them rule you reach for the star and baby girl I always be true 2you keep it real on the QT tip love doesnt have to stop or end with me…” sampling music from songs and TV shows



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