copy,cut,edit,paste,dot every i cross every t,& write something stupid.

I’m not a writer, I’m English major with a knack for words. I studied semantics and syntax as a young child with books given to me by  father then later in life I attend college and took a course called “History of the English  Language”  a long with another course titled”Understanding the English Grammar” I’m not an avid or voracious reader but I enjoy reading books  that are both eductional and entertaining. I grew up reading the classics such as To Kill A Mockingbird, Diary of Anne Frank,The Scarlett Letter, Uncle Tom’s Cabin,The Hobbit,The Bluest Eye,The Color Purple,  as a youth I also enjoyed reading the Beverly Clearly series that contained the characters Ramona and Henry.Recently, I discovered a line of books about the seedy side of life in Atlanta and Los Angles  mostly fiction with black women as the main characters . While living at my grandmother’s apartment home, I had access to many books including an entire closet of the National Geographics. Academically, I continue to have a penchant as well as a predilection in English,Creative writing, and Foreign Languages with Biology and Algebra  following in at a close third. On the days that I’m not going boy crazy or stressing over my ruined wedding day or the fact that Im 38  and this year I will be  THIRTY-NINE ;I’m taking  time  to  focus on my academia and  futhering my education,until, I have a memory lapse realizing my age of course. Basically, the older I get the less I daydream but the days I indulge in daydreaming it’s not your typical daydream of muscle bound  men in thongs,no, Im dreaming of  a Private Eye,  a divorcee, a ladies man, more than likley I was his second or third choice with love handles.Not surpirsingly,  the dreams ends when I realize how ruthless women can be  just to get married and  have fairy tale wedding .I dont have a problem with  you sucking dxxx to get a man  because I’m a staunch supporter in “Freedom of Choice “, ” You get what you pay for” and “It takes two tango”  but that does not mean I condone rape and abuse of spouses but what it does mean if you suck his dxxx he belongs to you and he aint fit for shxx. Also vice versa for men I dont have a problem with you choosing european caucasion look as a preference that’s your choice and I respect it but dont go looking for the Afrocentric chic when shxx dont go your way. In other words my daydream ends at  your left over, messed over, picked over ,sloppy seconds. So what does this have to do  with  a hill of beans or the price of tea in china absolutely nothing  but  the US economy hasnt faired to well in the Stock Market. Beside I wasnt interested in that stock anyway.Indeed, it takes a strong women to put up with  infidelity,secret indiscretion and sex addiction.Usually that strong women happens  to be of darker pigmentation. I was told by a parent not to suck dxxx at a young age at this point in my life Im not ready to make that my steady. Yes, I love good dxxx as much as the next hetero or homo but the lenghts I am willing to go to get married or have a male companion or fairy tale wedding to this generation it’s just too old fashion, out of date and antiquated. Im not at home waiting for a Knight and Shining Armour to save me. Im not at home making weekend dates with a dildo or a vibrator, no , I am reading books ,increasing my  vocabulary,  formulating emotions into thought eventually into words like this blog codign, and “copy,cut,edit,paste,dot every i cross every t &write something stupid” .No, Im not at home watching televison more specifically cable televsion or porn.It’s very rare that I get to watch a television series through its entire season. It was just the other day I rediscovered Nickelodeon and the new Degrassi Generation.During a time that most women my age are stay at home moms, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, and friends. I am a granddaughter, a daughter, a niece, a cousin and a sister friend. On the other hand to, I am an Independent Consultant, Personal Shopper, Administrative Assistant, Personal Assistant, Appointment Setter, Clerk I&II, Receptionist, Editor, Executive Director, Advertising Director, Production Manager, Event Coordinator, Staff Photographer, Contributing Writer, Business Manager, and Design Layout Executive. No,Im not a Saint or Saint Joan of Arc, although I  portrayed her  in a dramatic reading. I’m not a writer;I’m English major.“copy,cut,edit,paste,dot every i cross every t &write something stupid”


“365 days of shopping, on one of those days ,I viewed 67 th annual Golden Globe Awards”

On  Sunday evening, I viewed the 67th annual Golden Globe awards. Not surprisingly,determining gender at the event  was a no brainer, effeminate, senous, and scintillating,incontrovertibly, the designer names worn at the event held up to the test and viewer approval. Several of the female presenters,nominees, and attendants showed a little more cleavage then I prefer on public access televison  other than if “you got flaunt it”o r “a parade of stars” it was an televised evening of elegance. Of course compared to the rags in my closet, the  ladies gowns was elegant and to die for with the exception to the cleavage rule.  No, I’m not hater  as I if you  didnt know, hating goes against everything I stand to believe; it’s a  breast thing  that only women whose small breast eventually becomes  a joke of a boyfriend or spouse  might agree with me “you’ve seen one , you’ve seen them all” doesnt apply to every women. Seldom do I make a point to view the Golden Globe Awards;however,this year I took  a special  interest to viewing the event  primarily  because I set the date on my calendar. Although, I missed the opening performance that usually  begans with a comedic standup or a broadway musical,still  not knowing the the details of the way the event began I viewed the 67th annual Golden Globe Awards  thus following the event  to the  end including the commercials, ,I was  that missed the beginning of the event.Nevertheless , in the same evening, I viewed the Q&A responses with the nominees and winners. 

the previous years that I have viewed Golden Globe Awards the show familiar with the shows and actor and actresses  back with my pics already selected,  this yearI learned of  the nominees by watching one or the morning news shows. Eventually, I viewed a few shows  as well as movie previews up to the day the 67th annual Golden Globe  event aired  but not enough to take a select winners. Egregiously, in years past,as small kid then later into my late twenties  I view the Golden Globe Awards  with family and friends during those            each of us  often taking turns at each categorgry selecting a  winner ;unequivocally,I  was  not able to make an educated guess or select best pic,actor  or actress  my television and movie trivia out of date.Many of nominees names  sounded like a foreign  langauge  I do not watch cable on a  regular basis  actors and actress  nominated  unless the show aired on public access television Since I have nt been to the movies  a  couple of years  its  while that I have viewed the Glden Globe awards, the last movie  I actually viewed in theater to the best of my remembrance was ‘Lord of the Rings ‘ sequel. Normally, I go to movie theaters with family and friends Typically, the movies I  choose  to view at movie theaters often  science fiction,action suspense, Clearly, I wasnt  up to date  with the actor and actress nominated from cable shows.  Many of the movies up for nominations  I did not see.Monique won best supporting actress, I was not cognizant she received the Golden Globe Awards until the following  day while viewing the Wendy William’s show.

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