(Abridged)A Placed Called Eden,”Heaven&Earth,’lift every voice and sing until heaven and earth rings’…”

December 2009:

A Place called Eden“Heaven and Earth,Lift Every voice and sing until Heaven and Earth rings”

Another year is slowly approaching an end; soon it  will be New Years day,although,I did not achieve all of my new years resolution in 2009,recovering from a convalescence,a malicious assault,a brutal attack against my person, refusing to become the victim but instead seeking to be victorious, not focusing on past wrongs,my skin color,my nose,my hair,my five and dime clothes, my surrounding environment or what I have or don’t have I am  thankful for many things,I am also depressed, despondent, and dejected regarding my personal affairs,as well as,at a lost for words to express my  sincere condolences to the family of the men and women my age who didn’t  get to celebrate another birthday,eat a Thanksgiving meal or wrap a present for a loved one. With the recent lost of life, the September11th twin towers,the military women and men whom lost their lives in Iraq an Iran,the young women murdered in the prime of her life,the men and women who lost their lives in Texas  on  military base to a fellow coworker,the abduction and murder of a little girl in North Carolina, Thanksgiving and Christmas for many Americans this holiday season  .As I realized and throughout the years has learned, the holiday is not just about the gifts under the tree,the festive food, and the festive music,it’s a day to be shared with closed friends, family, as well as remembering the lives of those who enriched,enjoyed,enlightened,uplifted,and inspired but is not with us today,As Maya Angelou so poetically wrote “Still I Rise” although on some days it becomes difficult and saturnine “Still I Rise”,I rise to the snow,I rise to sun,I rise to the rain, I rise to be a voice for those who cannot be a voice for themselves,I rise to vote,I rise to a make difference in someone’s life, I rise to ease the pain of another and to be source motivation for others,I rise to high unemployment numbers,I rise to homelessness,I rise to disease and sickness,I rise to catch the bus,I rise to crawl,I rise to walk,I rise to my modified American Dream,most importantly,I rise to me and all of my imperfections“Still I Rise”.. At the same time, whether if  I rise to the tune of  Whitney Houston “I look to you..” or Arethea Franklin and collaborated music artist “A rose is still a rose…baby girl you have the power .. he didn’t make you and he can’t break you because a rose is still a rose..”,  I rise in remembrance of  all those who came before me lest I forget the obstacles, the hardship,the dead, the blood shed, the disease and sickness, the death and  dying of the  young then I am not being truthful with myself ,it’s not of  my own doing but it is a collective work that continues to manifest it self through words,through art,through social activism,and through songs(  ). As a result,amidst the carnage,I continue to strive to be the best me that I am able to be,and undoubtedly to live my life to the fullest not haphazardly,not taking for granted God given gifts and talents,and opportunities fulfilled,but I remain vigilant, hopeful, optimistic that as I was once raised to believe hard work is rewarding and crime doesn’t pay that one person is able to make a difference.“ Si,se puede” coined  phrased during the Obama campaign..



…. it’s not in the books that I’ve read, the tapes I’ve listen to it was and is a god given gift ,talent,embroider in my fabric from birth…to be voice for those who cannot be voice for themselves during this economic upheaval,.. at the the top of getting ahead,getting into the the game and Stepping UP to the plate of responsibility and accountability in other words with one word (ownership.) With all the financial obstacles I continue to encounter which  includes a closed checking accounts,shoes still in shoe repair since July (flip flops in December),a winter coat never purchased,a debt management program awaiting payment to aver bill collector calls ,no first time home buyer ownership,no bankruptcy filed, no turkeys or pies freshly cooked for a house warming party, I remain optimistic that the my current…arrangement is all a  temporary solution to a temporary problem, that I will be better than when I first arrived to the Hampton Roads Area not just in words but physically and mentally . Notably, I of all person understand that it’s not a person’s education but the condition of the mind as well as a person attitude toward recent events and experiences that ultimately will determine the level of success reached,and the of  number of goals achieved. In most instances,learning to be quick to listen,slow to speak, and slow wrath helps eschew unnecessary pitfalls avoid more setbacks …I continue to look forward  the today that www.cacjohnson.com becomes a well known web site on the internet and a source of motivation and inspiration to its followers just as Tyra Banks is to the fashion industry and Martha Stewart is to Better Homes and Gardening and Martha Stewart Everyday Living. Also,I look forward to the day that I am free of debt and living in my own home. In summation ,November was a month full of Thanksgiving, no packing, no pushing, no shoving,no soup kitchens,and no last ditch to seek shelter in a designated homeless shelter in the Hampton Roads Area,Virginia. What began as  power a month,remarkably, ended on a c minor note with an increase in Twitter followers,two books read that I am able to add to my book list,and the completion of my web design available for followers to view in December. Admittedly, the month of  November did not turn out exactly the way I  planned,nonetheless,I am optimistic that the month of December holds better results than the previous month,and in meantime and in between time remains“365 days of shopping,…2be thankful,2be blessed,2be loved,2be a cheerful giver,and 2be a believer in all things,”as I cultivate my mind,grow and learn from my life’s lessons,and from others in my surrounding environment,I’ll continue to press forward towards a higher calling. I continue to remain vigilant,hopeful,optimistic that the landlord doesn’t change the locks on the doors,cut the lights off,call the yard man to put my things on the doorstep,run up a phone bill,or put a foreclosure sign in the yard and move into a hotel all while I search for a place called Eden until then Lift every voice and sing,sing until heaven and earth rings…In search of A Place called Eden.—cacjohnson

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