Embitter,embattled,emblazoned,embroider,and embodied within these genetics cells remains remnants of the creator:


Embitter,embattled,emblazoned,embroider,and embodied within these genetics cells remains remnants of the creator:Life’s opposition  has a way of making  the  person  who opposes the opposition to believe he(or)she has become embitter. Denials,delays, and disappoints all to frequently sear the perception  of  life’s  experiences. Hanging onto many of life’s lesson I learned  during my childhood has brought me through many of life’s test and trial  such as ,respect your elders, “you can catch more bees with honey and sugar than  you can with salt and alka  seltzer ,” obey your  mother and father, and brush your teeth after every meal”  all lessons I learned as a child.  Adolescence  an  period  in  one’s existence that  as  a child  one rarely feels embittered about anything. A child quickly learn simple emotions from adults ,for example,  happy,sad,proud,mad,or hurt but to be embittered that’s a grow up emotion. The word embitter has so many negative connotations especially in referencing to women as  scorned, contemptuous, disdain,malicious,and recalcitrant. Embittered a word that takes a bite out of life making life experiences harsh,brutal,and saturnine. While the simple fact remains that living in the moment often brash and done precipitously, for instance,drug addiction,sex addiction,lewd and lascivious behavior,gang banging and alcoholism  leaves many of the users,offenders,and abusers feeling embittered about life. Today, if I am feeling embittered about life that means I ‘ve approached  a brick in the road ,I’ve told myself a lie , I’m not embittered about recent life events experiences “I’m mad as hell.” But as I learned as a child that’s just an emotion that”s not who I am. “I can be happy for both the rain and the clouds for without both neither would have  meaning”It’s better to embrace  the embitterment then to let the embitterment leave you bitter as Paul stated in Corinthians “in all things I  learned to be content…press towards the mark of  higher calling…” Likewise with conflict,as a child  I learned that conflict most often could be resolved by an supervising adult ,conflict a term used to describe outer turmoil of young teens with surroundings and people. Conflict a term often used in speaking with small children and adolescences more appropriately used and gets the most mileage as a descriptive word than being applied as a verb intransitive when referring to trouble teens. Instead of calling a child or teen a loser,a bad seed,spoil rotten,ADD(attention deficit disorder,) a trouble teen,or a trouble child, certainly,simply stated as a child with a conflict (noun)diminish es the child as a trouble a maker (the child is having conflict not the child is the conflict.) Conflicts occur everyday ,for instance,conflict on the playground,conflict in the lunchroom,conflict at recess,conflict with teachers,conflict with relatives,conflict on the job  as the word conflict transitions itself from verb,noun,to an adjective it lessens the harshness of  it’s meaning. As child , I remember conflict really didn’t exist as a verb but an rather an emotion. Although,as an adolescence I experienced  conflict ,and I felt conflict it didn’t define who I was. The conflict I encountered expressed its  outward self as I was at  conflict with something or someone by the end of the day  the  word,the feeling, the emotion conflict became“I don’t know”. During my adolescences I quickly learned adults resolved conflict, eventually over a given time I’d  learn to resolve conflict from the adults in my life’s circle. To be in conflict with surroundings and people  that’s an childhood emotion but to  be embattled that’s an grownup emotion. I was embattled about going away to college,I was embattled about having sex for the first time,I was embattled about resigning  from my job,I was embattled about relocating to another state,and the most notorious em-battlement occurred recently ,not surprisingly, I  was embattled about donating my car. I’ve been embattled but that’s not who I am “I am not at conflict with my self” but I do experience and feel conflict daily. Whether I’m embittered or embattled,I’m seldom emblazoned to discuss at length the details of  the thread used to intricately wove together my life. However; I am emblazoned  to a degree to know “winners never quit and quitters never win” Also,I am emblazoned to know that learning to pick your fights still remains the number one key to survival.  Most importantly, I am emblazoned to the degree to know each thread  woven into my life holds meaning despite the fact if it’s good or if it’s bad. I’ve been emblazoned but that’s  only a thread  of who I am. Emblazoned to know a  prizefighter attacks the bull head on; he meets his opponent with one objective to win the prize. I’m not attacking any bulls in the near future and by all means if you see one in the street run the other way,definitely,get out of the way don’t try and take the bull alone. It’s not embroider in me to fight every bull or run down every street  looking for a bull .Yes, embroidery was  done  from the day I was born until  day I  went to college “train a child up in the way which they shall go and they will not depart from it” I think the thread starting to overlap,I don’t know, some of the same thread keep showing up  that’s  what  a  hemstress calls double stitch to make sure the hem doesn’t unravel and hangs then  the pant or dress get tattered and torn and that  cost more money to fix now the pant  or dress requires a patch  of the same fabric or new hemstress one .Another one of life’s lesson as a small child I learned to change out my school clothes right after school keep my play clothes seperate from my work clothes and don’t around outside you might scrap your knee and blood is a tough stain to get clothes,you can  wear those same clothes you had on yesterday stop wasting all those people water..laundry piled up  to the ceiling either y’all learn to wash clothes or stop buying  em one after while all y’all gone start looking alike…what  was the Sunday school about on Sunday ,tell me who Jesus was and what did for you,“he died on the cross and pave the way for my sins”,no, “he took a loaf bread and a piece of fish and fed five thousand it does matter if the fish was salt water or fresh, one day old or jumped right out the ocean ,Happy Thanksgiving,never too old for barbie,never too 2learn,never too late 2go back to school, never too late 2 sleep with a male prostitute,I mean  never too late 2get married,never too late 2learn how to drive” what kind  car do yall drive some yall drive cars better than me  and  I did all the work, never too 2late 2find a new line of work,I think yall get the picture…to be embroider,e-m-b-r-o-i-d-e-r, to have embroidery work done from birth througthout a life span…Embroider,embroidered,stitch,sewn,inveterated,inculcated, etched in my on fabric the lessons and experiences I ‘ve learned from each person  I’ve  held a conversation with long or short,from each person I’ve sat at  a table and  shared  a dinner, from each person I’ve met  at the grocery store,movie theater, gas station,restaurant, laundry mat ,club, and church gathering a thread  was woven. Embroider,it’s not stitched in the shirts that I wear like an label,it’s not sewn into the jeans I wear,and it’s not braided into my hair, but its embroider in my memory the lessons of my childhood,adolescence,and college years; etiquette’s and manners  such as, mind your manners,yes madam and no madam ,please and thank you, dot every I  and cross every t, I before e except  after  c” ,the Ten Commandments…(thou shall not  kill,thou shall not steal…honor and obey thy mother and father,)and say your prays every night before you go to sleep.”Now I lay me down to  sleep,if I should die before I wake the Lord I pray my soul to take.” Amen at the same time,embodied within these genetics cells remains remnants of the creator. Imperceptibly,365 days of shopping on one of those days,on more than one of  those days I’ve become embitter,embattled,and emblazoned with images and languages on Twitter,MySpace,&Facebook primarily because not to many people grew up being called “Molly Miss Manners”it’s just something about  being mad, being in conflict,attacking bulls everyday,praying that the thread  doesn’t unravel  as a grownup that makes Goliath  look stronger than David, turns Satan into a Sex symbol, makes Christianity only for sinners and make the saved look lost,yes, I’ve been embittered,embattled and emblazoned but that’s not who I am what’s being embroider in me that’s who I am. Embitter,embattled,emblazoned,embroider,and embodied within these genetics cells remains remnants of the creator:The moral of the story is Jesus fed five thousand,Abuse of power, Right of use,Copy right infringement(how many of those fish did Jesus duplicate,that’s beside the point) or 2Lijit 2Quit.—cacjohnson


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