Showing up 4 life is 1/2 the battle









Showing up for life is half the battle: To show up in many instances requires (that as an consumer putting aside differences and personal agendas to show love, and support of close family members and friends often this requires that a consumer shows up with an open mind being receptive as well as perceptive in mannerism that is condign at that moment in addition to showing propriety. Typically,consumers confront everyday experiences with little prescience of life extremities;however,showing up for life is a prerequisite. Life requires that consumer not be quiescent but instill quietude in a daily routine to seek guidance and direction because not everything is for every consumer (everyone.) Normally, on an quotidian activity, a consumer experiences little interference while performing daily task; therefore, it is not surprising, in some instances that consumers often feelsaturnine or exacerbated because of stymied,delayed, or alternated plans. Although, a consumer thwarted plans causes them to feel exasperated or become lassitude as result of inadequate feelings consumer miss out on many of the p recious moments of life.Usually,the dreaded decisions,the conferences with the supervisor,family gatherings,presentations all require the consumer to show up 4 life. Showing up 4 is 1/2 the battle. American consumers frequently tout successful people that have accomplished their goals and dreams despite the obstacles.Ruefully,veritably, and unceremoniously,altruism a word to define the unselfish concerns for others, thus , often showing up for life requires the full attention of the individual. Unequivocally,as a consumer showing up for life requires taking action becoming actively involved in the lives of the others not becoming completely absorbed in personal melodrama to give concession to special events showing support and altruism,for example showing up at movie premiers,dance recitals,graduations,weddings,birthdays,anniversaries,seminars, beauty pageants and to job interviews Showing up for life requires that as consumers  not be spurious or disingenuous with status quo realizing as consumers when (we) reach an impasse showing up for life is half the battle to discovering an solution. Many times it is the consumers attitude that often precludes success ;more specifically, self esteem, finance,and coquetry.As a consumer overcome fears and dispell the myths about life,love,&money,then  with practice consumers ultimately will experience personal growth that often is far more greater than the actual success achieved. It is particularly important that consumers remember while enduring obstacles, and thwarted plans not all of life dilemmas are irremediable. As consumers we spend 80% percent of our time with coworkers 10% of the time standing in a line and another 10% on vacation or at leisure, all of the following requires that a consumer show up 4 life.

As the articles for cacjohnson become more difficult, I at times  felt exasperated and disconcerted with the progression of  the development Particularly, in  the month of October had its high and lows, with outstanding debts and donations slow trickling  in the progess of cacjohnson is  improving;however, the progress is  contingent on the number of readers and followers. Highlights for the month October: I bought eight bags of traditional Halloween candy 1 bag from Walgreens and 7 bags from Rite Aid on sale. The greatest discover : I discovered that Rite Aid Halloween candy was 99cent in comparison to Walgreens $1.39. The Biggest disappoint: I didnt have Halloween candy on Halloween. The biggest disappoint I didn’t get to dress up as PoisonIvy,Snow White,an American Idol, Barbie,orBettyBoop.

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