September 2009

September 2009 monthly weblogSeptember is the month of cac’s founder and president’s birthday. September a month filled with anticipation as well as uncertainty. Towards the end of August I decided,I definitely wanted September be a power month like power walking or playing racquet ball. September is the month I choose to make the greatest impact in my finances,personal life,and career. What began as a year, and a month of me closing in on FORTY,ultimately, the thought of turning FORTY brought me closer to my goals. Optimizing the social networking applications,I ordered online 2 Bebright Pink T’s from cause I’ve known about and have been educated on since high school,also I ordered online the Social Diva handbook,and I choose a debt consolidation program. With out a hitch not quite, September did not go without a hitch,on the morning of my birthday I had to return my birthday cake because I didn’t ask about the ingredients and the decision to donate my 1985 Toyota Corolla with sunroof and new locks to the Purple Heart Donors only two days before my 38th birthday. Definitely, a hard decision to make because I m from Florida born and raised in Florida,formally educated and introduced to the sheriff in Florida, a brownie,a girl scout,a cadett,educated& graduated from an accredited Florida University and school system. Florida the “Sunshine state” beaches,exotic food,mix culture,long hair& short hair,most importantly it’s the state that gave me hope,embraced my skin color(ie Martin Luther King Day,Martin Luther Blvd, and Esther Rolle street). September the month of my birthday brought me closer to my my goal, my dream and resonated within my inner being like the sound of the waves the on the beach “Life is a process,and success in anything comes inch by inch,stroke by stroke,and step by step.”—cacjohnson


Follow your dreams..take one step at time and don’t settle for less,just continue to climb”Amanda Bradley

My dreams today are meant to guide me. I will take the first step toward making my dreams come true. June 3rd”….”

The antidote is and always will be action,responsible action. Every concern,every experience wants our attention,our active attention. Sept 19th”— “Each Day A New Beginning” Women Book of Daily Meditation


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