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I am 37  year old female with two degrees A.A & B.A with retail experience, I am only interested in persons who have visited my web site that have similar goals,upbringing,ideas,&ambitions. Along with similar goals, I am also interested in individuals who are highly motivated,& goal orientated. Most importantly, I look forward to reading responses and blogging with the shared community. As stated on my web site  cacjohnson. com is a small minority web site/start up that is currently in the early  stages of development, I have over ten years in sales and customer relations. I am currently looking for Sponsors &Donors to sponsor the web site;I am also asking from each Sponsor $10.00/or if you do not want to be a sponsor you still can donate,however, bloggers of similar interest should  take the first step and visit As of October 08,2008 I have added to the front page “The views and opinions expressed on the web site of are solely those of cacjohnson and not of  its Patrons, Sponsors, &Donors”  


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