Sounding Alarms:Break Glass Only if This is An Emergency

Tackling, Assorting, and Organizing the Silos: The American economy, Mass media, Collegiate and Professional sports(NFL, NBA, Tennis, Golf, Pro-Wrestling, Track and Field, Pro Boxing, Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Professional swim mining , Gymnastics , Professional Cheerleading, and Professional Body building) World Wide Web, and Adult Pornography all under the watchful eye of Big Brother.(KWL) what we know, what we want to know and what we have learned :

How does all the new web tools measure up to the technology of the late eighties and nineties? 
What does the new Web 2.0 mean to the thousands and millions of unemployed Americans? What can web users expect in the near future?

Mass media offers a plethora of information a wide variety of topics Music, Food, Entertainment, Jobs, Work, Careers, Money, Politics, Religion, Art, Relationships, Cooking, Dance, Books, Investing, and Finance. Defined by Webster new world dictionary mass media term  used to refer to  the different forms of communication such as magazines, newspapers, radio segments, and television that influences a large number of people specifically for this article I refer to American Consumers as the mass.In 2006 ,I created my web site using simple web tools provided by yahoo, since the creation of my web site,I had to familiarize myself with internet terminology(lingo). For instance, while using the internet a few of the frequent terms that I often find myself noticing user,server,browser,url,hyperlink,toggling,networking,pfishing,uploading,and widgets.  In the last few years it seems that web expansion has moving faster than minimum wage and the stock exchange.Futhermore, since the economic drought of 2008, consumer spending has been altered due to uncertainty of financial institutions and Lenders. Over the years the term supply and demand has often meant providing American Consumers with services that they must have for instance the upcoming switch for digital television to HDTV a national conversion that al American Consumers must adhere to in order to view the regularly (local) programmed television shows. Because of the economic downturn of 2008 consumer spending in retail hit all time low.  November and December two months that consumer analyst expect high retail sales in 2008 did not meet the record high numbers in consumer spending that analyst would have .Subsequently, two of the biggest shopping days of the year Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving did not help to boost sales in the retail industry and Cyber Monday the day internet users receive special discounts for shopping on line also did not fair well in 2008.
What thrives during an economic downturn? People do not stop spending; eating, or living because the economy has slowed or moved into a recession or as my mom would say people still have to wipe their behinds. In many instances industries that products that high demand by consumers offer consumers technology that they must have in order to keep connect with  business client, coworkers, and family remain such as; household products (toilet paper, dish detergent, Ajax, comet, bleach window cleaner, clean liquids,) cosmetics(lipsticks lip-gloss , eyeliner, mascara) Cable Networks, Cell phone providers (iphone’s, blackberry’s,..) as well as the Entertainment industry that makes profits from the sale of (cds, blue ray disc , and stereo systems),also Event Coordinators fair well if they are able to successfully pull in large crowds and plan events that appeal to the masses for example; football games, basketball games, baseball games, and of course, music concerts. Yes there is money to be made but the question remains whose making the money during uncertain economic retailers should (watchful of counterfeit bills (20’s, 50’s and 100’s dollar bill). With shoplifting takes a bit out retail profits every year, the last thing retailers should have to worry about are counterfeit bills. Again, what thrives in ….America…. during an economic recession?

Ask your Public Accountant or Certified Public Accountant. Even during hard economic times there are industries that continue to make profits and hire employees. ….
What is a Public Accountant?….
What is Certified Public Accountant also known as an (CPA)?
Public accountants are those who are available to the public at large for such accounting functions as monthly bookkeeping and tax preparations. Most states do not require the qualifications or performance of public accounts. The only accountants permitted to offer opinion about financial statements are Certified Public accountants who have passed strenuous national examinations and must fulfill the requirements of the state in which they practice including several years of experience. “.
Global Encyclopedia

Thus, the  question arises  how are consumers to stay afloat when stocks become below market, and yielding interest rates on CD’s, Saving Bonds, and Money Market CD’s“ It is time that you recognize the importance of your new position. You can never forget now, whether you like it or not, that you bear the family name. It may not mean much to you now but it will. You beset with many difficulties .You will be harassed by a number of request for contributions. You must learn to spend your money wisely and I need not say that your father will be ready with advice. Half your income should be reinvested annually. The remaining half should be divide between living expenses and charity….The main thing is to not have too much money to spend. This I have found always bewildering and a sure pathway to extravagance and foolishness.”

Excerpt from the fiction novel The Late George Apley

“Out of the ruins ,out from the wreckage,

Can’t make the same mistake this time

We are the children, the last generation

We are the ones left behind ….

And I wonder when we are

Ever gonna change it

Living under fear till nothing else remains

We don’t need another hero

We don’t need to know the way home

All we want is life beyond the Thunder dome

Looking for something we can rely on

There’s got to be something better out there

Love ,Compassion, their day is coming

All else are castles in the air
We don’t need another hero
We don’t need to know the way home
All we want is life beyond the Thunder dome
So what do we do with our lives?

We are only a mark
Will our story shine like a life ..or end in the dark? Is it all or nothing” 
From the sound track of the movie  Mad Max Thunder dome/Tina Turner

The importance of family: Professional and Collegiate a sports have shown their loyalty to fans members of teams become like family members traveling and touring on the road together. In since American citizens are all part of the same family with each of us seeking the American Dream Life, ….Liberty…., and the Pursuit of Happiness. Collegiate and professional  sports  have always brought Americans together but not only Americans people from all walks of life.
Another excerpt from the fiction novel The Late George Apley:
“You are reaching a time when you will find out what my own father pointed out to me at a very trying time in his career: that family is more important than the individual, that a family must be solid before the world, no matter what the single faults maybe of a single family member, that family has a heritage to hand down which must be protected…”

Love and Basketball a movie that became popular in 2000featuring Sannaa Lathan and Omar Epps about a relationship between two young adolescents that grew up together experience array of emotions. The movie centers around the game of basketball and how the conduct themselves in different relationships “It’s about winning, losing and playing the game”—- A brief synopsis by

A closer  look at the game of basketball invented by  James Naismith, Naismith, a physical education instructor invented the game of basketball….”developed basketball in 1891 to provide young men  with competitive athletic diversion during the winter .The first men’s intercollegiate game was played in 1897, the first professional league was founded in 1898, and the first collegiate association-the Eastern Intercollegiate League was formed in 1902.The rules of the game of basketball Professional, college and high school games are similar except in length and range of basic skills. Professional games are 48 minutes long divided in quarters, college games 40 minutes long played in halves ,high school  games 32 minutes broken into quarters  Although not set dimension for basketball court is universally accepted the recommended size is 94 ft long and 50 ft wide If a field goal attempted is missed the ball remains in bounds with, it is kept in play by the team that recovers the(rebounds).History of Basketball :The growing popularity of basketball resulted in the equipment and skills. The metal hoop was introduced in 1893, and backboards in 1985. The soccer ball was replaced by the first basketball. As playing became more sophisticated the game attracted more spectator.” Global Encyclopedia  

From the invention of basketball the sport itself has been loved, played, and watched by many, although some play basketball as an recreational sport, whereas, others view basketball as an sport to advance their education and move out negative environments for instance the basketball   documentary called Hoop Dreams a film directed by Steve Williams in 1994 that follows two black high school students in Chicago as they aspire to pursue their dreams to play professional basketball.  Often basketball teams have enormous amount of support from their fans located in their hometown, they also have groupies that will follow them from town to town Many times basketball team members maybe on the road for months at time away from their families, likewise with the game of football. Most often any American Consumers are able to find a fan for just about team any major basketball or football team in the United States.  Often, fans especially groupies mingle back and forth between basketball players and football players swiping social germs just as common as spreading mono a television set of 90210 metaphorically speaking. The lengths that many of this fans and groupies will go for their team seem to be the norm in the sports world. Professional and Collegiate sports are high demand in the ….United States….

In the State of Virginia. (….Public.. ..Colleges…. and University):

Christopher Newport.University….

….College.. of ..William…. and Mary

Eastern ….Virginia.. ..Medical.. ..School….

….George.. ..Mason.. ..University….

….James.. ..Madison.. ..University….

….Long.. ..Wood.. ..University….

….Marine.. ..Corps.. ..University….

….Norfolk.. ..State.. ..University….

….Old.. ..Dominion.. ..University….

….Radford.. ..University….

University O f Mary Washington

….University.. of ..Virginia….

….University.. of ..Virginia….’s College at Wise

….Virginia.. ..Community College…. System

….Virginia.. ..Commonwealth.. ..University….

Virginia Military Institute

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and ….State.. ..University…. (Virginia Tech)

….Virginia-Maryland.. ..Regional.. ..College…. of Veterinary Medicine

….Virginia.. ..State.. ..University….….

Independent andPrivate colleges and universities

Appalachian School of Law

Averett University

Bluefield College

Bridgewater College

Christendom College

Eastern Mennonite University

Emory and Henry College

Edward Visa Virginia College Of Osteopathic Medicine

Ferrum College

Founders College

George Washington University Viriginia Campus

Hampden-Sydney College

Hampton University

Jefferson College of Health Sciences

Institute of Textile Technology

Liberty University

Lynchburg College

Mary Baldwin College

Marymount University

Randolph College

Regent University

Roanoke College

Saint Paul’s College

Shenandoah University

Southern Viriginia UNiversity

Stratford University

 Virginia Wesleyan College

After thoughts :These days I have felt more like a character in a movie more specifically “Get Shorty” a 1995 movie with Danny Devito about a mobster that goes to ….Hollywood…. and enter the movie business only to find out its just like his job. ….

.. ..


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