Super Bowl XLIII

Oh baby! baby! it’s Super Bowl XLIII  “sugar pie honey  bun I can’t help myself I am love with  you and nobody else…,sugar pie honey bun” the Cardinals vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers, I don’t keep tabs on football games or football players  but if I could bet a Pomerania pooch I would say the Cardinals have a good chance of winning the game, then again, I am not a sports writer but a Consumer Affairs Consultant, Sales & Service Manager ; therefore, I will stick to something I do know something about for instance  there will be a lot of consumption in food, drink, music, and fan paraphernalia as with most major events  such as the Super Bowl  that brings in large crowds to major cities and states which means revenue ; Yes folks we definitely want to create a positive flow(cash flow)especially in the area of sales, with consumers purchasing large screen televisions. Super Bowl XLIII is being held this year in Tampa Florida, the home of Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond Jones auditorium with over 1 million viewers expected to watch the game in HDTV.


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