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As I am learning to keep things in perspective,as well as, not to be overly histronic.Consequently, understanding that America has had several tragedies, most importantly, the process of regaining and recovering from the 9/11 attack affected millions of Americans in their personal relationships and financial affairs. Subsequently, the timeline for putting millions of Americans including myself back on the right financial path has not been an easy task,nonetheless, the opposition has been numerous (outsourcing, minimum wage, lending institutions, and mortgage crisis.) Although, the economy may not be as many Americans would like it to be I still continue to search for my American Dream ,as modified as it maybe, I do not think that American Consumers are Americans in general should totally discard or cast out the American Dream completely. As far as living in Hampton Roads, I continue to network in the community,likewise I continue to work in building a repertoire. …” MVP:Taboo

For every visitor that visits web site “you” are helping someone stay in a job and creating jobs for other individuals, each time “you” visit a hyperlink on this web site located on the:

Product of the Month and Product and Services page suchas;,, again helps to keep employees in jobs and create jobs.Let’s keep the job force strong and keep the jobs that are still here in the United States in the United States. Cacjohnson welcomes emails and letters.

Disclosure Agreement: Initially, cacjohnson informed visitors that the web site would feature biweekly articles of my consumer experience before and after college. I am still committed to keeping the initial disclosure that will feature biweekly articles of my consumer experience. Although, I am not on schedule as planned with the biweekly articles, I recently updated (MVP ,C’est Combien,At my bad im good&At my best i’m better)with some helpful information for the holidays. Currently, as the main writer of cacjohnson, I am working to gather documents, supportive information, as well checking for accuracy of the information presented in the articles that will reflect a standard of quality writing. Subsequently, the purpose of the articles located on the website to present useful information to readers; to engage readers to think about their consumer habits, the articles located on the web site are not randomly selected. Throughout the web site the reference to “I”, “me”, ”Consumer Affairs Consultant” will be referred to at different times as “cacjohnson”,similarly, “Patrons”,”Sponsors”, and “Donors” will be referred to as “you”, “shopper”, and “consumer”

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