October 11,2008@1200pm/What Bloggers should know about cacjohnson.com/Product Tester

Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales&Service Manager
Consumer Affairs Consultant,Sales&Service Manager


Product tester: At http://www.cacjohnson.com

I  test products everyday varying from household,cosmetics, foods, and electronics.With over ten years in sales and customer care experience,the overall goal of cacjohnson.com is to offer affordable prices, for variety of products, at low cost to consumers.








 If you would like to have your Business card or hyper link viewed on(cacjohnson.com),submit your request to cacjohnson by e-mail or mail.

Email: johnsonjamala@yahoo.com

Mail all correspondence to the following address:


P.O Box 5365

Newport News,Va 23605

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Introduction to cacjohnson
What Bloggers Should know about cacjohnson.com/Product tester.








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