October 10,2008@2:11pm/Controversy:Blogging for readers

cacjohnson.com has only been  up for about 3 months prior to the web site cacjohnson.com was a web holder page. Over the next few months, as I continue to focus on writing articles about my personal experience as consumer before and after college, I look forward to the increase in reader response and hope that readers will find their way to http://www.cacjohnson.com. The articles, as well as, the topics  vary from  race relations to separation of church and state.To those readers and bloggers who have read the articles on cacjohnson.com from the background information given in the articles readers and  bloggers have probably ascertained that I am a conservative from dress to speech partly because of my upbringing and the other half because I been drilled, trained, re-drilled, and re-trained for a diverse workplace. Just recently I have been taking hints that my conservative position could possible be ready for a makeover; the long awaited re-adjustment, including the thought, the euphemism that I should forget everything that I know about politics,religion, education,and the workforce, for a 37 (thirty-seven) year old  single black female that’s a long stretch.Thus, on November 4th when I do go to the polls when I vote it will not be about a red or blue state/polls/censuses but the issues. If I could persuade votes,  I would say vote for (public Records.)Educated guess? cacj is not a daily blog. I will inform readers and bloggers within  the following weeks on what days I will post blogs.

Blogging for readers

Blogging for readers

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