Author’s Corner: Notes From the Author

CSACCAC - WIN_20140302_155004 (2) Two years after the release of my first book, “What’s With All That Stuff,cacjohnson!#@! (A Shopper’s Guide to Better Shopping)” partly autobiographical and based on real life shopping experiences, 2014 Local Author's DayI reached an apex in my writing career towards the end of 2014 with one of the most anticipated events of my writing career the publication of my second book “Savor the Flavor & Get Twice The Luv (Editor Notes and Various Blogs)”. On a personal level,this book has been a journey of discovery,and enlightenment. When I first set out to put this book together,the concepts slowly developed,eventually,as the concept for the book and the direction for book became clearer ,the focus of the book lead me to put together a portrait in words and in thought for readers. With this book,I hope readers find inspiration,encourage,strength,and purpose.—twice the Luv 2/2015DSCN1686 (3)Two weeks with the author’s copy of my second book “Savor the Flavor and Get Twice the Luv“,I am personally proud of the end result. From start to finish, this second book_,I have to admit_ happen to of been a major task that took several years to complete. At the beginning of taking on this enormous task , it seemed as if I d never get it done. As a novice,I am happy with quality of the book as far as the visual appearance and content of the book. Even though, this is my second book with Xlibris,who I felt has been a Godsend through the entire publishing process__,I am still learning the ins & outs of the publishing industry.—twice the Luv

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2/2015 On the evening I received my author’s copy it happen to of been mid-January right after my evening class. As I walked into my bedroom I found a manila package on the bed ,and inside the author’s copy of my second book. After I opened the manila package,the book just really took me by surprise ,at that moment,I felt I had arrived as an Editor and author. —twice the Luv

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2/2015 To be truthful the design cover of the book isn’t the one I wanted for my second book,it is the one the publishing company chose for the title. While in the publishing [process, I tried my best to push for the design cover I created but that didn’t happen. A huge part of a book’s success is often attributed to its design cover then the first page turner. With my second book ,I wanted a design cover that not only represented the title of book and its contents,I also wanted a design cover that represented me as Editor and an author. When I first viewed the design cover of the book during the publish process, I’d totally opposed it,eventually I warmed up to the publishers design cover,today I carry a copy of both books in my handbags along with business cards and other stuff.—twice the Luv

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03/02/2015 Months of hyping up my second book on some the most popular Social Networking sites,I received my author’s copy. After all the chat & hype the book is now available both in soft paperback and e-book for purchase at Amazon,Barnes and Nobles,Google Play and Xlibris. Of course,as the Editor and Author,I feel the book lives up to the hype. Content matters,when I set out to put this project together I had to make sure that the content had substance, that it would be worth reading. At the same time, I also wanted to give reader’s “something to talk about” and reflect upon each week. One school of thought that is important to know this book isn’t meant to be read all at once in one setting,the preferred technique is to choose an Editor Note or Blog for the day or week and make your own opinions or even journal your thought;however,there’s no pressure to read it through like a novel.—twice the Luv

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03/03/2015 I didn’t go into debt to publish my second book ,in the same manner I didn’t go into debt to publish my first book,and to be truthful,I had amassed some debt even before writing both books. A self published author,the process of publishing both books required patience, commitment, faithfulness and remaining loyal to the ideals and principles of both book as well as to my readers and followers.–-twice the Luv


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/03/2015 Back to the arrival of my author’s copy,if you ever thought publishing a book is something only for the wealthy ,well to -do, rich people, or something that people do when they acquire a small fortune or hit the lottery,I am proof publishing a book is something any one person can achieve with the right attitude. To get both books published,I had to set aside all the negativity, anger, resentment, depravity, hurt, pain, disappointments,losses,set backs,failures,heart aches,and the voices of discouragement to reach this moment a pic with second book. An Editor’s and Author’s dream to know my work_ ,my life’s work will make life better for all people,but most all for anyone with a willingness to listen,to learn,to love,to forgive,to move forward,to heal, to grow and to live.—twice the Luv

2014 Local Author's Day

03/10/2015 At the inception of my first book,the overall goal for the book derived from the idea that I strongly felt I could better help my readers and followers as a Consumer Affairs Consultant with the grouping of some the simple and basic tips on better shopping that I learned throughout the years and during the 2008 economic recession. As a consultant,I felt it a crucial moment and point in my career as Consultant ,and knowing both_ I put together my first book in thought of my readers and followers as a resource tool to encourage and motivate all consumers and shoppers at various stages of shopping,from novice to expert “What’s With All That Stuff,cacjohnson!#@!(A Shopper’s Guide To Better Shopping)” is for anyone who loves to shop especially young girls,single ladies,and women of all ages,it’s a shopper’s guide that having you asking “What’s With All That Stuff .”—twice the Luv–Get-Twice-the-Luv.aspx


3/28/2015Being published at forty something,especially as an English major has been a life changing event. As a matter of fact, I wrote my second book over a period of time. In my second book ,I grouped together Editor Notes and Blogs I wrote from 2010-2014. With this book because it wasn’t written like a novel, each time I wrote an Editor Note or a Blog,I really put forth a lot of effort during each draft to make sure the wording and clichés when read by readers that my voice and thoughts could be heard and felt while reading. While voice and tone of the Editor notes and blogs I felt to be very important,illustrating my thoughts and feelings in the moment in words just as important,above everything else, the voice and tone shows both sides of my mannerism.—twice the Luv


3/30/2015 At the end of March, I finally found a few minutes to review the beginning pages of my second book “Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv (Editor Notes & Various Blogs)”. While reviewing the beginning pages, I arrived to my initial and original conclusion that this book has substance and isn’t all fluff. Within the same instance, I also took note of the punctuation,spelling,redundancies and typo errors that seemed to of either been wiped out electronically or missed by human error. Aside from the punctuation,spelling,redundancies,and typo error, a clean sweep of the book for readers , I personally feel would only enhance reader’s impression of the book.—twice the Luv


4/4/2015At twenty something or even thirty-something, I could not have dreamed of becoming a self – published author. Publishing a book seemed so beyond grasp,where would I find the time,I knew liked to write and I also knew that I like millions of Americans had a story to tell. But,how much of my story did I really want to expose to the public became a big mental block centered around a lot of apprehension which is one of the main reasons that I truly can relate to people preferring creative writing over biographical writing. After getting over my mental block and apprehension,at the time I began to consider writing my first book_ I knew nothing about the publishing process,I didn’t know where to start or how to begin to put a book together for publishing,so I thought. In all actuality,none of the said mentioned previous stuff had been true. Beginning days of the making of my first book, I’d been immersed in my surrounding and circumstances to realize that everything required of me …to write a book was all around me including other people’s stuff. As I begin to work out the details of my first book, other details began to surface such as, who should I get to publish the book and how to publish the book became resonating questions. After a few search queries and inquires, I eventually choose Xlibris Publishing. New to the publishing process, I honestly believe that it was the publishing packet that could be considered marketing tool that really won me over. Four years later, I am still working with Xlibris. Throughout, the process, I’ve hit some highs and lows as a self-publish author; however, I have to say Xlibris staff has also stuck with me throughout the entire process, it has been the Great Exchange, both parties working together to make publishing a reality.—twice the Luv



published at forty something,especially as an English major has been a life changing event. As a matter of fact, I wrote my second book over a period of time. In my second book ,I group together Editor Notes and Blogs I wrote from 2010-2014. With this book because it wasn’t written like a novel, each time I wrote an Editor Note or a Blog,I really put forth a lot of effort during each draft to make sure the wording and clichés when read by readers that my voice and thoughts could be heard and felt while reading. While voice and tone of the Editor notes and blogs I felt to be very important,illustrating my thoughts and feelings in the moment in words just as important. Most of all in this book,the voice and tone shows both sides of my

mannerism.—twice the Luv


4/17/2015 Being called a nigger really didn’t bother me per say until other black people made it a point to call me a nigger. And,I didn’t grow up in environment where people talked about money,finance and niggers everyday,it’s a Nigga Thang and trust me I don’t care for it. One thing is for sure you wont find the word nigger inside either of my books.—twice the Luv

4/18/2015 A product of a public school education, I often explain to potential readers and buyers, the reason I chose not to fill both books with scripture is basically based on the simple fact, I am a product of a public school education. In most instance, the reason chosen follows along the lines of; although, church had been requirement at the very beginning during the years of pre adolescence and well into the teen years, I didn’t actual grow up in the church like some of


the classmates who I attended public school with as a pre teen and teen. When I think of growing up in the church, I am often referring to the teachers, parents and students who attended every Sunday morning service, went to Sunday school, and attended nearly all the church meetings and conferences, similar to perfect attendance in public schools. As the author writing from a personal point of view, it is quite apparent that the events and details is based on perception and firsthand personal experiences. Certainly, without a question, the view of the world from a teen (young adolescence) or a twenty-something is going to be much different than the view of a thirty year old or forty-something born again virgin. Veritably, biblical principles can be found in both books; however, as the author, I chose to let the lessons and situations speak for themselves and to allow the reader’s to make their own choices and formulate their own thoughts and opinions.–-twice the Luv

5/15/2015 On a minimal budget promoting my first two books hasn`t been


a drudge,thanks to Social Media networking sites like Facebook & Twitter. As a novice and freshman author,the promotion of both my book has remained at the top of my to-do-list. For instance,even while I’m performing other task such as grocery shopping or in the barber shop waiting for a hair cut,as a novice and freshman author Im constantly looking for ways to promote both books without having to cough up a bunch of cash. After publishing my first book and surviving the publishing process,I learned that promoting and advertising takes just as much effort as publishing,egregiously,both can be very costly. To be the honest,the cost and price of advertising begins to fade away when I embrace the lessons,vicissitudes and triumphs of life .–twice the Luv


5/18/2015 One half the obstacle of becoming a publisher author had been censoring my thoughts,and editing my life to fit between 200 to 300 pages. The other half of the obstacle and probably the biggest road block,making time to put my thoughts on paper,the isolation from people and the world to hear your voice__in my case,__the isolation had been the most daunting because at times you feel the worlds moving and you’re not getting anywhere,the pains of being an author.

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6/5/2015:Silver linings, there’s always a silver lining at the end of a rain cloud and a pot of gold waiting at the end of a rainbow and light at the end of the tunnel.My light,the light at the end of the tunnel happened when my first book had been put into print,the end result eased the paranoia and psychosis. Part of the drive and motivation to complete and publish both books, or reason__,the main intent of publishing both books from a consultant and editor’s perspective had been to provide my readers and followers with a physical product, with words of encouragement,inspiration and motivation that readers could pick up at anytime and anywhere to feel the Luv.—twice the Luv



Every good book isn’t written in a homeless shelter,a hotel,on the road to Damsacus ,or written by a Havard graduate,or is a work of science fiction or on the New York Best Seller list,months later after the publishing of my second,I have to ask several questions,the most obvious one of them all what makes a book a bestseller? Is it the critics reviews or word of mouth of readers that leads other readers to an authors book? how does an author sell a million copies in one hour?

much of what I’ve been told as an Editor, Author and Blogger is that content is king, and what is content? content is many things from pictures to thoughts ,I view content as a story, a group of thoughts, a persons beliefs and ideas edited and revised to convey a central thought or message. While content is king ,the cover is the main attraction; however, it is the content, the inside of the Editor Note, a blog, or book that holds the readers attention. In speaking of content,I have to talk about both my books. A neophyte,novice,and an unknown,I published two different books with different content that is based on personal experience past and present,I ve got the content down packed,now I am in search of finding interested readers. It seems one of the hurdles in my ins and outs of the publishing isnt moving or bending,I want both books to sell. As a new author,I am not interested in the New York Best Seller, but I d like to sell close to a million a copies of at least one of the books. These days, I keep both books on me and like a used car salesman I work on commission,the truth of the matter,I m in the business of selling books plus some other stuff . At the moment between classes, Im working to sell a book on the hour,and one every minute when Im out in the field.—much Luv,twice the Luv

7/28/2015 My Ugly: In my first two books I don’t talk at length about my ugly.


What is my ugly?, my ugly I’d like to describe it as all of the stuff life throws at you that makes you feel ugly on inside_ it so ugly, that when you wake up in the morning you don’t even want to look in the mirror, in my instances it’s all the stuff I had to either stand behind, step aside to,embrace and accept even when I felt my values, and beliefs were being trampled on just so ugly could its way. And one of the main things I’ve learned about ugly is that it really does care how it looks and what the other think of it(Ugly), and with ugly you never really know what side you’re on, but one sure thing about ugly is that__in life ugly likes to take different shapes and form . After a while you begin to think putting up with ugly isn’t so bad because it’s easy on the eyes. While working on both books, I had to accept my Ugly for


what it represented__ all of the ugly things in my life that I considered obstacles such as a bad attitude, and consistently having bad thoughts. Straight forwardly speaking, all of the ugly things in my life I prefer and really wouldn’t want to discuss with my Tom, Dick, or Harry over your average cup of Joe. Over the years, my ugly has taken many forms and shapes from unemployment, to homelessness, to depression, to thoughts of suicide, to death and denial, to self-hatred, lack of faith and feelings of hopelessness. My ugly looked so bad that the preparation and publishing process of my first book actually could have been an escape from the Ugly, and my second book a vacation in paradise. After accepting my ugly_ and accepting what my ugly represented, the end product, a nice neat package, a polish presentation and new outlook

damn unPretty.

on life. Of course, Ugly likes to rear it’s head when it wants to get the best me, from a biblical point of view I think Ugly is a reminder to Pretty, and a wake up call to let you know_you didn’t get that way by yourself (pretty came Ugly) _, out of all that Ugly ,needless to say I got through to see my first book published then I published a second book and started feeling pretty inside . So, I had to put Ugly aside for a good minute__and if it wasn’t for Ugly I might not of appreciate Pretty as much as I do_and to be truthful I learned to Luv my ugly.



Home is what you make of it everyday.:A week after my 44th Birthday,I haven’t completed my third book or raised enough money to buy my own home. The Summer quarter has ended and ,I just got the time to write and as suggested I should do more , but a girls gotta do what pays the bill or in my situation the rent. After not going insane from my Accounting 100 class,that totally whammed me and consumed all of my brain energy(power) but not my intellect__,listening to body and brain I chose not to push the matter in fear of not being able to regenerate brain cells. When all had been said and done I passed both course and kept my GPA above a 3.0 just in enough time to celebrated my 44th birthday quietly on Facebook. As I continue to complete my courses, the saddest part is I could probably make as much money selling books then having to reinvent myself and sell my self to an employer. A self employed business student I am always looking for new opportunities and Networks to expand my business. To rent or own a home, the truth is it easier to make a million than to keep a million; for instance, if I gave down payment on a house or home tomorrow , I wouldn’t a be a millionaire anymore,a long way from a million,I chose to put most of my focus on selling a million copies of either book.


10/15/2015:I am constantly searching and thinking of ways to keep the information in my first book new and relevant, “What’s With All That Stuff cacjohnson! #@! (A Shopper’s Guide to Better Shopping). Three years later, I’ve placed a lot of stuff storage both personal and business stuff. I continue to shop for the basics: food, clothing, shoes, and household supplies, although, I have to admit I’ve encountered a few detours along the way. As the stuff began to accumulate, I began to realize that I required additional space. It just so happen, I knew at the very beginning even before I began writing my first book I’d required additional space for my stuff. With the thought of having to find additional space for my stuff, I began to look for affordable storage, eventually, I chose a storage space close to where I reside. Within the same thought, I also considered how I wanted to store my stuff which resulted in the choice of plastic containers or brown boxes, I arrived to the choice of plastic containers as you will see in the picture because of the eradicate weather especially rain (wet weather),the plastic containers I felt to be the best choice. After finding a storage space, then choosing how to store the stuff (plastic or brown boxes), I then had to figure out how to get the stuff to storage because I stop driving in 2009 this became a little tricky, I’ll have to discuss that one at another time. Even with the going back and forth to storage to sort and store stuff, I kept a copy of my first book with me constantly thinking of ways to keep the cob webs off the pages,

Storage Space 2015

and as time progress hoping to get the momentum and motivation going to complete my third book“What’s With All That Stuff, cacjohnson! #@! (Every Girl’s Guide to Shopping On A Budget). On a Saturday during my down time from classes, shopping, websites, and family life, I pause from my life to visit my storage and as I reached the storage space I finally pulled out my Nexus7 and took several pictures to get a feel of things, and measure the amount of space available for some other stuff. From the pictures it looks more like a closet when it’s actually a storage space for all sorts of stuff but I like to keep it clean, and organized, so that I can easily find stuff especially in the summer.



As I enter the Fall the semester of completing my degree program, I am reminded that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer two causes that I like to show support for in the month of October in part to my personal experience with both as college student and then later in my life during my late twenties. As I reach the end of degree program year, I continue to show ,wear pink, and carry a copy of my first book “What’s With All That Stuff cacjohnson !#@!, (A Shopper’s Guide to Better Shopping).

2014 Local Author's Day

As Founder and President of csaccac Inc, between classes, websites, blogs and family, I make it a point to show and wear little pink each day, Pink is in the logo on my blog and websites, and it is where I began to start or as you could “where it all started from”, it’s not quite where it all started from but it is a good part of my start to csaccac Inc to my first book. To make the fullest of each day I carry businesses cards, and book cards to promote my first and second book “Savor the Flavor,& Get Twice the Luv” __and to be honest I don’t feel complete without my business cards and a copy of my first book in my purse or tote.


The closer I reach the end of my degree program,Bachelor Of Administration with a concentration in Retail Management, yes, I am somewhat upset because the course work is demanding requires a lot of attention and focus which often leaves me drained when I am ready to write a Editor Note, Blog, or new note and message for my websites. As Editor, Founder and President of csaccac Inc each is very important to my building my work portfolio and when I fall behind in one the big picture is incomplete. The truth for me through th

20150504_135119 (3)

e entire building up, rebounding, and standing on my own two feet, I exude a lot time and energy to fulfill each task, and as I’ve learned in the process time is precious. While I strongly believe in a better education and self-empowerment, I also ask the questions: “when do you stop trying to make it big? and “What happens to a dream deferred does it dry up like a raisin in the sun or does explode ?”

(A Raisin in The Sun, Lorraine Hansberry)


12/15/2015Lip to Lip: It began as a conversation in one of my on campus classes, at the start of class Id happen to of been scrolling through one of my favorite browsers _Yahoo, a place I frequently visit almost every day to read and view the latest in US news, local news, Android upgrades, and the latest in tech gadget, aside from all that other stuff, it is also the place where I go to catch up on all of the latest happenings in the Social media blogosphere. On this night _a Monday night, while in class, I happen to stumble upon an entertainment article about the daughter from a very famous family who also is a sibling to some very famous sisters, a picture in the article attracted my attention _a picture of a lip kit, what really caught my attention and made me gasp the price. At first sight, I don’t if I’d been in awe or shock, either way, I had to share with a class mate. Like millions of people I love this family and I’ve even caught a few episodes of their reality/ Tv show, at one point I’d even viewed a season on one of my Virgin Mobile smart phones, I love this family in a sense that they became one of America’s favorite families for ET and gossip. It’s a good break from my reality and world, I’m not big on voyeurism, which is totally different from people watching. On the flip side, I like to stay clear of ET news for unwanted taunt and I don’t want a backlash. After reading the ET article, I felt a chill and the hair raise up on my arm, I looked at the price again for the lip kit which I estimated is probably what I spend in a year and maybe a little more, it is true I use a lot makeup for one because I have an even skin tone as well as blemishes that seems to of appeared and became prominent with age, between foundation, eyeliner, lip gloss and lipstick

Lip to Lip

I’ve become a makeup addict or junkie, as rumbled through my mind of all the makeup I’ve gone through just to wake up and get out the door in the morning and to go to evening classes, I continued to looked inside my handbag and began to think about the Lip Glam I apply to my lips with the thought _if I could just get some airtime (TV play), I probably could sell a few books and some Lip Glam too. Of all the ideas Id had this year from making a demo of my favorite motivational songs and placing the Dvd in the back of my book, Savor the Flavor and Get Twice the Luv, to standing behind a cosmetic counter and selling cosmetics, the Lip Glam made my Top 100 list of media and promo blitz. Here I am sitting glass with about a dozen of lipsticks in different shades of pink each one I use to get the perfect pink for the day either for my skin tone, scarf or shirt, some days I get it right other days I’m just happy if its pink, honestly, that’s a lot Lip of Glam for one lip. —cacjohnson

Lip Glam 2

12/18/2015 The Skinny: A fat woman’s fame is much different than a skinny woman’s fame, I’ve known this for much of my life with an observation that first began in my pre-teens and later grew into what I felt had become a frequent theme in TV land that seem to of found its way into the general population .Recently,I began to have the same thought about fat women after watching several reality TV shows. Who said you had to be fat, larger than life to be in a mag or talk show host, some where down the road it got into people’s head that fat women make better TV, and talk show host. A few years back, I set a resolution to

twice the Luv google headphoto

become a 400Lb woman, totally absurd, I have nothing against fat women but it does seem that fat women have beef with skinny women. Forty-something years later, I finally chose to sit down and really search the reason why I am bothered with fat women_ much of it has to do with this pre conceive notion of the attitude a fat woman is suppose to exude and show in front of family, friends and coworkers. However, I am bothered the most, and I become extremely upset when fat women go on diets or out of nowhere choose to go skinny, it’s very rare to hear of skinny women going fat. Like fat women skinny women has work and relationships issues, even if you lose the fat it doesn’t mean all your problems will magically go away. I’ve been petite, skinny, thin, or flaca call it whatever you want in any language Ive been skinny nearly all life. For some reason ,my body fat doesn’t like to stick around me, not even pounds of sticks of butter which I love so much and you wouldn’t know unless I told you that I fry with butter, I sauté with butter, I like butter as dipping sauce and I add butter as a condiment, I use lots of butter instead of milk to make my mac&cheese very creamy, butter is fat, Im think how to put on a few pounds other cooking with butter, and just when Im ready to be fat a picture from a mag or some TV show draws my attention and I think Im being bullied by a fat women again. If your naturally fat and its healthy fat, I say be happy with your fat, the same is true for skinny women. Does this mean that I will live my rest of my life in the shadows of a fat women, I really don’t know? At forty-something Im thinking of all the stuff Id have to go through to become fat, which I probably strongly considered because certain members of the opposite sex seem to think that fat women look better in jeans, not the best reason, although it is a strong motivator for some women. The longer I think about, I am reminded that I get pains in my nose and breast just thinking about cosmetic surgery. Does this mean that a few pounds could make the difference in an employment, maybe, does this mean I could lose a really good job prospect to a fat woman, of course. The closest Ive come to being a 400lb fat women is carrying a bag groceries and my glam bag, in this situation the question is would I trade in skinny to be fat?_ honestly it depends on the cook, the food, and how I feel about the way I look in the mirror. At forty-something, Im thinking it doesn’t matter if your fat or skinny, what matters the most is finding your place among the different sizes and body types on this earth and being the best you at your God given size. A few years ago, one of the food companies began advertising a food brand called Skinny Cow, when I first saw this brand it seemed so outrageous too me a skinny cow, I want all the fat, the thought of taking one bit seemed out of this world, I want to hear the moo moo,I am a skinny girl and I love fat. Other than size_ is a fat women always the best pick for the job, all things considered is a skinny’s women attitude and fat sooo much different than a fat woman’s fat, Does the that fat has to land the job every time ? and what is the real reason why fat women want to be skinny? Over the years ,Ive heard so many reason on losing the fat on different talk shows,it seems the whole country is mesmerized and in love with fat,and making fat skinny_ I certainly hadn’t considered fat or skinny while writing both books,nor had I thought I should write for a fat women or skinny girl,person,or women,I wrote as I lived the moment and for all girls big or small,neither book is about size both books is about being the best you at where you are in the present moment and becoming a better you regardless of size.—cacjohnson






4/15/2016The start of BUS 499, the final course in Strayer’s Bachelor’s of Business Administration Program,I have not sold a substantial amount of either books to report on a tax form. At this point,I’ve completed 18 courses,I lived through a life changing event that will forever be a part of a chapter in my life. In speaking of taxes April is tax month ,I usually begin preparing my taxes in February gathering receipts and important documents. From an Author’s point of view,it is in some ways not a tax relief, I’d rather have the burden of of preparing and filing a tax form knowing that I sold a substantial amount of books,then leaving blank spaces on the form. In certain i


nstances a blank space or a couple of blank spaces is quite ingenious “Dork Diaries” I love this YA series it inspires readers to journal but a more relevant example,my first book “What’s With All That Stuff,cacjohnson!#@! A Shopper’s Guide To Better Shopping” is both a Guide and a Journal,as a journal readers will find places to journal their thoughts and write notes.



/15/2016 Bus 499,it is the symbolic course that sends signals to each business student to let them know they have reached the end of the degree program Bachelor of Business Administration. A Retail associate in my twenties,I gained a lot of the Retail experience, therefore a sales associate or cashier probably could relate when I say that as a returning student enrolled in Adult Education,I found the business and retail courses to be a refresher. I began the final class towards my degree in April of 2016. At the start of the course I felt as if I was being introduced to a Master class. An eleven week course,I put life on hold to immerse myself into the contents of an ebook“The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing “ ,the business world,and into understanding Retail Management.


tion Day, three years later,20 courses completed, 36 scholarly papers written,hours of memorization,hours of testing,hours online,weeks of reading and re-reading,weeks of learning business and marketing jargon,with a GPA of 3.4,the day of graduation from Strayer’s Edu Bachelor of Business Administration with concentration in Retail Management has arrived and, it is a bittersweet moment. The three years I attended Strayer Edu has been plagued with Isis threat,violence in Africa, Gang & Gun violence in the United States, and the financial uncertainty of the United States to recover from the 2008 economic recession. World news and local new paint a picture of graphic death,and violence, “Black Lives Matters” and Other People’s Lives Matter Too_I post on Facebook and Twitter. Graduation Day has arrived the weeks has been overshadowed by the Black Lives Matter movement that has chosen to put itself on the front lines for advocating justice for America’s black youth especially black men. As a minority business student I couldn’t fully immerse myself into the movement mainly for the fact the world isn’t just black and white it consist of many races. While I understand that the disparity, and incongruity towards blacks is greater than other races ,I choose to refrain from stating the movement’s mantra,motto without adding “Other People’s Lives Matter Too” I felt that the Black Lives Matter mantra motto had been incomplete,yes, “Black Lives Matter and Other People’s Lives Matter Too”. Flashback to the three years I attende


d Strayer Edu, I had been in business long before I’d enrolled in courses at Strayer as a Consultant and Notary. With business cards printed and ready to handout,I started as a small minority business. The years_I attended Strayer,I introduce myself to classmates as an Author,Blogger,Educator,Motivator,FreeLance Writer,Social Connector and Notary. In those three years, I wore a lot of Pink and made it a point to leave my Ego and personal matters at the glass doors before stepping inside the classroom. The courses empowered and offered hope for a better life, with each course I felt empowered, I felt lots of positive energy as single person and minority business women,and tremendous hope that my business could and would grow.



thor’s Corner is the place where I’ve designated to channel all of my thoughts towards my two books, admittedly I often find that the chats in the Author’s Corner could make for a good conversation or topic inside an Editor Note. For instance, the center of my attention in July the Presidential Race of 2016,I pause from everything to watch the DNC(Democratic National Caucus) Convention for a week on hour. In a week I formulated/ my own thoughts and opinions about the campaign process,a female president that would be history in the making. A member of the NWHP(National Women’s History Project),I’d already been swayed towards,the DNC candidate. The opposing view and tension between both parties could really ad some heat to an Editor Note


. Smartphone and tablet in hand,I kept up with both campaigns with help from my tech gadgets. Blogs and websites the campaign grab the attention of consumers and shoppers from all walks of life and created dialogue among activist,protestors, students, and voters. For business and world news, I perused through a good number of articles and websites website display news article,and news videos easy to follow and read. Similar to online websites, Xlibris my publish company has an
section for authors, the author’s page displays a sample reading from the books, it also displays the author bio, and there’s place for reviews and comments. As a self published author,the Author page is an excellent marketing and promotion site, Savor the Flavor and Get twice the Luv(Editor Notes and Various Blogs )


8/15/2016:Books,books,books,books, everywhere books,from elementary to middle school, to high school to college, I ve was surrounded by books in my pre teens and teens, a book could let you escape from the daily routine of life,a book could take to different places and different parts of the world, a book could also teach new and exciting things such as how to cook, how to build stuff, how to draw, how to paint, how to take photos and how to sew. As a pre teen and teen I was often surrounded by books at home and in school,I read numerous books during my years as public school student,I even earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree with minor in Secondary Education years later . As an Author and freelance writer_ you could probably understand why Back to School is one of my fave events and traditions. August is Back to School for many students in the USA,it also a tradition that I recall in my pre teen and teens that required lots of preparation from teachers,parents and students,I chat about the back to school tradition in my 2nd book in August Editor’s Notes. As a public student , I carried textbook from school to home_, today students back packs and book bags weigh a little less thanks to tablets,and portable notebooks. Homework and required reading is less tedious for some teens and college students,the use of tablets helps to improve learning. Unlike the years I attended public school thanks to tech gadgets, with today’s modern technology teens and college students can download textbooks to read them at home, in school,on Spring Break,vacations holiday,it seems just about everywhere a student happens to be with their tablet or notebook they have instant access to books. When I purchas


ed my first two tablets a Nexus 7 and a Nook,through the use Amazon Kindle and Nook app I download free samples of books and then a few of the classics I read as teen. Its great to have the choice between a paperback or ebook, I learned this during publishing of my first book and while attending night classes to earn a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Retail Management that required several books for each course.On the days I choose not to carry a paperback of my books technology has made it easier so that I have instant access to copies of both books
through my Smartphone,tablet,and portable notebook,when promoting my books I like to encourage potential buyers to download a free sample then make a purchase and share with family and friends.—twice the Luv


:A Birthday is meaningful not only to the person being honored and remembered , it also holds meaning to the family and friends of the birthday girl or boy. September is a meaningful month, I believe each year in the gift of life, it is in the month of September that I honor and remember my birthday and all previous birthdays. I say that it is meaningful for the fact it is the when the words Happy Birthday reminds me of the gift of life and everything each of us choose to do with the life given. Over the years,I’ve been a part of many birthday celebrations,in my teens often envision a huge Forty (Big 40)) birthday like the ones of some well known music and television personalities. Forty-Something is what I would of liked the birthday cake to of said on my Forty- fifth birthday. At Forty- Something,I’m thankful to of met and shared forty something years of “MYLF” with family friends and complete strangers. At the age of forty-one I published my first book “What’s With All That Stuff cacjohnson!#@!(A Shoppers Guide to Better Shopping”, than three years I published “Savor the Flavor and Get Twice the Luv (Editor Notes and Various Blogs)”.Since then I’ve enrolled in business courses, kept up with the updates to csaccac highlights, make post on Facebook and Twitter,and began the manuscript for my 3rd book “What’s With All That Stuff, cacjohnson! #@ !(Every Girl’s Guide to Shopping On A Budget)”. I averred that after my Forty-fifth birthday,I’d like all future birthday cakes to say Forever Forty- Something. When the (Big 4-0) arrived without the Besties, Girlfriends and Glam Squad, with just an empty circle,and a Party of One,I began to expect less of huge bashes and a wild party with the Girlfriends much of which I attributed the Editor Notes I began writing in 2010 at which time I came to the realization birthdays have lots of meaning, and I began to think of the numerous of the young men and who women didn’t make it to their high school graduation, 18th birthday,21st birthday, college graduation,or wedding day. For the girls and boys, the young men and women whose memory lives on in the spirit and to those remembering their birthdays,the candles are the most symbolic part of the birthday cake. On my forty-fifth birthday, I commemorate and share the day with those in this life,in the next life and the afterlife. —twice the Luv


10/15/2016:In this Author’s Corner Blog I take a few minutes to chat about two topics in my 2nd book found inside October’s Editor Note,one of the topics is very serious in nature,that I felt compelled to include in October Editor’s Notes. I’m thinking all things Pink some of which has to do with October being Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.
October is the month when advocates and supporters show their support for the causes by wearing pink , pink accessories and attending events to bring awareness to the cause. To show my support, I usually wear lots of Pink in the month of October, it is not out of the way because I often wear Pink to promote my small business. During the month I also visit the BrightPink website, and make a few post on Facebook and Twitter. As an author I try to make certain that I have either copies of my books or book cards on hand along with my business cards in case I find an interested reader while I’m performing task such as ( attending night classes , grocery shopping, nail salon,barber and hair stylist,Post Office,Fast Food Restaurants,at the mall,a t the bus stop, and while having a hamburger at Hardee’s McDonald’s in and out out of Taxi’s)I briefly chat about the causes in October’s Editor Notes of my 2nd book Savor the Flavor and Get twice the Luv (Editor Notes and Various Blogs) Aside from Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness, in October’s Editor Note I mention several events including a childhood fave the Halloween tradition that has evolved over the years instead of horror and terror, I’m thinking Pink & Sweet(Pink lip gloss, A Bright Pink ribbon,A Pink Playboy Bunny, A Pink highlighter, Pink stylus, Pink SmartPhone,Pink emoji, Pink bubble gum, a Pink cupcake,a bottle of Pink nail polish, a Pink Android, a Pink USB, a Pink keychain, a Pink handbag ,) a Pink Halloween.—twice the Luv

11/15/2016:twice the Luv, Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away,Im passing on the turkey,baked mac & cheese, apple sausage stuffing, seafood stuffing,cornbread stuffing,spicy mustard greens as well as the Pumpkin and Sweet Potatoes pies,this year _instead, Im placing my thoughts on previous Thanksgiving__of course,it isnt easy as it sounds,in place of a home cooked meal Im placing my thoughts on the meaning of Thanksgiving and the thoughts I’d like to share in November’s Editor Note. From 2014 to 2015, I compiled the first five years of Editor Notes into my 2nd book Savor the Flavor and Get Twice the Luv (Editor Notes and Various Blogs)the Editor Notes include my thoughts on a few of the widely accepted and practiced traditions in the USA including Thanksgiving. For this Thanksgiving, I look back at previous Editor Notes written during and near the Thanksgiving holiday. ,I’m thankful for all of the bloggers I’ve met along the way while blogging “MYLF” Consumer Affairs Consultant Sales and Service Mgr. As an Author I’m thankful for all of the bloggers and readers who’ve read both of my books and who’ve been inspired by “MYLF” a tradition that truly believes in keeping our thoughts towards being thankful and giving thanks, I’m thankful for Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving Day

12/15/2016:twice the Luv,Im hopeful,mindful,and prayerful of better things to come in the New Year, as a single women with no children who operate and runs a minority small business via online, I’ve managed to accumulate over the years ten plus years in customer service and retail experience in addition to earning a High School Diploma,Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, with credits and courses completed towards a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Retail Management. Let me catch my breath to say ___, this is my Author’s Corner Blog for December 2016. Ice and cold is in the atmosphere, I’ve put away my summer clothes in exchange for warmer winter clothing,the year is reaching a near end,I remained hopeful throughout the year that at least one of my books would of show significant increase in sales,and despite numerous efforts to publicize the books neither book has hit overnight success or made the New York Best Seller list. Yes,as an author I am completely bias;however,as an author I also feel other people bias counts to_,and much more if it tends to agree with the author, the content of both books I consider to be YA and MA neither book is profane of overly obscene. I’m open to Santa if Santa happens to choose my book to place under the Christmas tree of each and every consumer and shopper who loves to blog,journal,read, shop and of course who loves shades of Pink.
Best of Wishes,Have a Blessed & Beautiful Holiday,and twicethe Luv

2015 Dec EDNote

January 2017 cPink Love it Live it Believe Pink


New Year has begun , Im just thankful to have made it to live to be a part of another chapter life. With a new year, I hope for better results than previous years on Facebook and Twitter. An as follwers and readers, hanging on to every word Im thinking of book sales, an Author’s day at Barnes and Nobles,new friendships,rekindle friendships,speaking invitations,and lots of Love. I began the New Year at my place of residency with the two house dogs Drake and Kylie. No alcohol,no porn,and no designer drugs_ I missed out on the Freschetta pizza, I do believe I had a bottle or two of sparkling cider in the room. A bitter-sweet day as well as a day of Gratitude, I am thankful for this opportunity of life and yet at the same time I feel a deep sadness for those whom could not be in moment or live in the moment to be a part of this thing, this chapter of life. As the New Year begins I m reminded that life is precious, dont do drugs and stay in school and remember Fighting the Temptations,from me to you Best of Wishes, much Luv, twice the Luv and Happy New Year.


February 2017

cPink Love it Live it Believe Pink
So what haven’t I said, I’d looked forward to hanging with the 40 something crowd, nights of karaoke with millionaires, social events ,social networks and sipping sparkling cider in a luscious apartment_more specifically one where bullets don’t come through the walls _well it hasnt quite happened for me in that lottery winner kinda of a fortune;nonetheless Im always hopeful and as the cliche or cliches state quitters never win and you’re never too old for Barbie. It’s February, the month is synonymous for love and other things _however _during this month, love often overshadows everything else,I’ve been single for several years and that hasn’t changed,I’m more in the mood for a group of honest girls and Girl Talk which I get daily dose on the Hampton Roads Show, the Talk,the View,the Today Show ….and a girls night out than a long term relationship with a Social dating app. So the point of this Im single and I have some books Id loved to sale, the whole point Id love for my book to sale _ so that I could do some of the stuff 40 somethings do at 40 something. As I stated in a Editor’s Note there’s all kinds of love, and I ve been stuck in the friendship mode, and now I have a love for the ugly after showing my ugly on Facebook,meetme,Twitter,and wordpress_ Im a better person for it and Im a more rounded person, I accept life and it imperfections, Im not trying to hide from life or from myself, of course there’s moments when Im in deep denial other than being single and unattached, Im free to Love.—2xtheluv


March 2017

cPink Love it Live it Believe Pink
Great things happen in threes,bad hair days don’t last forever,above all life is a succession of lessons that has to be lived to be learnt. What would the world consist of if I’d chosen to skip out on the lesson,fortunately_thank God, I choose to stick with the lesson to live to be a part of another chapter of life. So image ( couldn’t think of or even image) if I’d skipped the lesson, a product of a 12 year public education, formally education and well versed in american traditions_Im thinking years later, what would my world consist of if I’d skipped out of the lesson.So much of life is follow the blueprint, for some its trial and error, for others it’s a succession of experimentations and others death by fire, I followed the blueprint until I couldn’t figure out or recognize the two different prints. Years later,I find the blueprint again and started from the print I recognized. Surrounded by books,educators,and professionals for most my public school education my blueprint is one patterned for success. As an Author,I read other people’s stuff on Yahoo,Google, and other websites. On my Nook you’ll find both of my books as well as other authors _the same with Amazon Kindle.Unknown and known women all over the world are doing great things and thanks to the NWHP the contribution of women to history has not become silent. Thousand of well known books that has been written many of them happen to of been written by women authors. For years I believe in balance and moderation,I read books,view Dvds, and listen to music_I tend to bend towards books and writing when the background noise aren’t annoying, Irritating, trying to make life ridiculous painful,and listen to music like its a drug when life is too intrusive. Writing is a great way to muffle through life and figure it before the trial and error stage , and a book is a great escape from life, something for the dummies, and a great How To. One of my fave cliches there is a book or song for everything you’ve experienced or will experience_find a book and you’ll find someone that has had a similar experience as you. Read On ,Write On, and Let the Music Play.—2xtheLuv #twtLuv


April 2017

cPink Love it Live it Believe Pink
Sales,Sales,Sales,Sales!!!! Everyday is a day filled with unlimited potential,unlimited potential to sale my books and catapult to the New York BestSeller list. Im keep it short,I’ll save all the sordid details for April’s Editor Note. As an Author April is a good month for hope, from day one I uploaded both books onto my smart gadgets,and today I keep both books uploaded on my Smartphone and tablets. An Advertising Billboard , I am my own publicist and marketer for both books with book cards and business cards on hand BYWOM (by word of mouth) I’ve got the ball rollin, is there more I could do?_sure, but it cost and I’ve got other business and personal obligations. Life as I know it,I began the New Year without a Big Bang, and confetti. If the New Year had been a indication of the months to follow_,too distracted with life to of paid attention,this I will say I wish that my book sales would increase_ and it’s a big Wish!!! If wish could come true, Id wish_ Best of Wishes,much Luv, andLots of Luv, expecting something else so was I.—#twtLuv,twicetheLuv


May 2017

cPink Love it Live it Believe Pink
Give a gift,books make a great gift,Ive bought and perused thousands of books, at time when bookstores drew in huge crowds. I still love a good book, and to walk inside a brick and mortar bookstore_it’s probably one of the reason I gravitate to Barnes and Nobles. Years before,I couldnt pass a Hallmark store without walking inside, a huge selection of cards and products that could make awesome gifts. Ebook or paperbacks ,often I gravitate to the cover of a book first then I look inside to view the table of contents,its different for everyone it could be a cover or the title_the job of the author is to grab the readers attention then peek interest_Whats With All That Stuff,cacjohnson!#@!(A Shoppers Guide to Better Shopping) and Savor The Flavor & Get Twice The Luv (Editor Notes and Various Blogs) the first book I wrote especially for young adults ( young girls) YA and parents both could relate and the second book college students,parents,and other Editors,like what you see or love the title grab copy or ebook and share—-#twtLuv,twicetheLuv



June 2017

cPink Love it Live it Believe Pink
35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45…half way into the year,the first half of New Year and it is just devastating,_you know every month there’s rent,light(Electric),water,sanitation,car note,car insurance,credit cards,student loans plus miscellaneous_and that sxxx! does not stop unless you hit the lotto. First thing first, the TV wrecked my nerves it’s the third one Ive bought since I arrived to Virginia, it is soooo horrific__ I can’t even watch television unless it is on PBS kids or the Sci-Fi channel,during certain moments and times I prefer to have the Tv on when I work for instance on my/blog, on my business,websites or read up on the latest National Notary news. One of the biggest reasons my work gets done is because the TV ,Television, the idiot box wrecks my nerves with it extraneous background noises. So I’m thinking about my third book which I’ve written a few chapters in my head, It is not when you get ready to stop hazing and to teach me lesson while the rest of the world rides the Roller Coaster, Gets There Life and (Gets Money) makes their Money,_control,self control is like patience and tolerance it runs out for the faint at heart and the poor. Thank God for the Saints because there always nearby to uplift the Holy Spirit,speaking of spirits,at a young age I choose that regardless of how others acted or reacted towards me or treated me, I made the choice to treat people as I want to be treated with all the kindness, sincerity and human compassion Jesus showed towards the disciples. And yes Im more than a little bit mad with the church people _ evangelist and preachers have preach so much over the years ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be open and seek and you shall find has been turned into mockery and a three ring circus. In praying to the Saints and seeking divinity as well as light, I pray to be delivered for the snares of the enemy.Much has happened over the years yet the intention remains the same to Love Your Neighbor as you would Love yourself or you could either Get The Hell Away from them or Stay the Hell Away From them_ that’s why I love Jesus because he gives you a choice to Love. Even though the first half of the year has been just devastating for business, my finances and personal growth_, light and love has the power to lift the darkness. To shed light on the darkness,a huge motivation that pushed me to get up each morning with a Pink Passion. Living isnt free; however, Love is always available with each new day, every new day is a day to choose Love. —“Savor the Flavor and Get Twice the Luv”

July 2017:
One million sold, the dream,every author’s dream to be read and to be loved_well it’s my dream. The summer is here and my books (both books) available online,you get a copy online when you’re ready until then,I have to work on other stuff to get my bills(and rent paid.—-much Luv,twice the Luv

August 2017:
I don’t know what the flip I was thinking,good girls love hard and die young stuff that makes history,maybe I thought that becoming an Author would jumpstart my second career,what the flip was I thinking,what was I really thinking, two books later and weeks before my 46th Birthday_so I didn’t make it to graduate school at the age of forty or travel the world first class. Dreams come and go,but your words and spirit live forever; in thought and in words_Savor the Flavor and Get Twice the Luv, Go GSUSA making history everyday. _so my books didn’t sell like I would of liked,life goes on , writing the next one (Every Girl’s Guide to Stuff On A Budget). Facebook and Twitter,the marketing and advertising side of self publishing books takes time and work_its done (a one woman dream to be an author) a huge accomplishment, a major task_ it’s out there in blogosphere and internet universe. These days everyone wants money to publish to advertise and so forth_when you’re on a limited budget _ there’s only so much I could do _its a start of a dream in the waiting to be recognized,to be thought of_. Every author and writer has to first start_thats only the beginning of life in words.—Savor the Flavor and Get Twice the Luv

September: What does it take to get a limousine ride? Birthday Girl!! light the candles make a wish (world peace and a limousine ride) Author,Blogger,Editor,Educator,Motivator,Social Connector. Need a limousine ride,who would of thought one event actually in my situation several events would lead to this place,looking for a limousine ride on my 46th Birthday. A Birthday Girl without a Glam Squad, Amen Corner ,or Entourage_looking for a limousine ride and as always for my books to sell. A grownup CupCake Diary, the only flipside the CupCake Diaries writers has sold thousands of copies_but that wasn’t what 46th birthday was about (an authors dreams selling millions of books) after several tweets I posted my Birthdays in the form of song titles a 12CD list called the Best Years which is also the bonus track, a list of songs touching on love,truth,hurt,pain,devastation and relationships:
Private Ceremony
Walk Out of My
Living A FuckedUp Situation
Im Loyal
Come Get This Change
One Night A Week
Half of A Whole
The Best Years
*Explicit (remix)
*Remake(Half and that will do)
… three days after my 46th Birthday, I woke up with a feeling like a head concussion that caused me to WMBFB and it continued for some days after thus leading me to fill up my soul with love and forgiveness in song in words in affirmations, and in pray. “Because you wouldnt let me move forward” like taking theGRE, Graduate school at Boston College, Bar hopping,meeting new people, oh lets not forget Highschool reunion that happens every year in June, what about living in my own apartment not to masturbate everyday,I know what about just being a got fxxxing damn Grownup _a productive citizen,I have to think of creative ways to move forward into the next life_Savor the Flavor and Get Twice the Luv.


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