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Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv

Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv

As the blogosphere continues to grow, I am staying true to the reason, the cause that brought me to this place ( from the start. In 2006, I stumbled upon ( ) while working on my personal website to advertise my services as a Consumer Affairs Consultant to internet users. At the time, I didn’t know how to blog, what a blog was, or exactly what to blog. And to be truthful, I often tell the story of how I learned to blog after watching an episode of Martha Stewart, even though, her example during the show had been short and sweet, I made the choice to do a little more with my blog then post a picture and a few comments. In the beginning, I wanted a blog that would eventually lead internet users to my other Social Networking sites, since then I’ve joined a few more Social Networking sites all with same purpose to get internet users to go to the other Social Networking sites. And I have to admit, this blog my blog “A Day & Life Of Consumer Affairs Consultant Sales and Service Manager”is not like your typical blog for one I don’t blog every day, from the start I committed to blogging only once a month which worked out pretty well because I also have other writing commitments during the month. And who ever said it first, nailed it on the head,blogging is an 8 hour job. Believe it or not, I’m totally self-conscious about everyone reading my most intimate thoughts, so_ I try to keep my blog intimate without exposing all the intimate details, basically no major kiss & tell all here. Of course, I consider the kiss & tell all, a publicity stunt of all things, however, that doesn’t mean in the course of the years it hadn’t entered my realm. Seemingly,over the course of the years, I’ve learned that I actually do like to blog,it kinda reminds me of writing in journal without all of the seedy details_, again I really don’t like total self -exposure. Straight forwardly speaking,one of the good things about blogging it creates a place of creativity and expression for the blogger. With the passing of time,I’ve visited tons blogs_, some of the blogs looked more like websites than blogs. At other times,I viewed some really good blogs and I’ve viewed some really bad blogs, but what I’ve gotten from them is inspiration and motivation to make this blog ,my blog “A Day & Life of Consumer Affairs Consultant” a better blog and to make it one of the best blogs. Instead of calling it quits, I’ve found a place to improve on my writing ,a place to gather my thoughts, a sounding boarding, and a place to make sense of it all because sometimes it seems a little frivolous and other times it seems exigent. From a blogger’s point of view, there’s so much room for creativity and expression being mindful of the topic “what’s this blog all about?” “A Day & Life of Consumer Affairs Consultant”, certainly there’s a lot of work that has been done since my first blog. Years later, after the very first blog I posted, I’ve grown from posting slideshows pictures from MySpace page to one page essays. You’re right, no one said a blog had to look a certain way or contain so many words to be considered a blog, what I’ve learned is that each blogger has their own unique style of blogging _some post only pictures , others post pictures and words, then there’s different genres of blogs with a key word search bloggers with similar interest could hook up with each other. So, if asked “is this a blog or website?” ,I am here to say it is_a Blog, I have a separate website for website stuff. At forty-something, I’ve included blogging to the list of other stuff I do. Although, I don’t blog as often as I’d like_ this blog, my blog ” A Day &Life Of Consumer Affairs Consultant” it’s the place where I fill in the gaps. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I also keep a journal with “365 days of shopping on one of those days’’ between journals, websites ,Social Networking sites and csaccac eNewsletter, each month I make way over to this place ( with hopes of reaching new readers, consumers, and shoppers.

Book Cover #2 Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv Luvin the chat,I could chat for hours but then how much of it would make sense to you,I could only take a educated guess or IQ test ,after a few hours things seem to mesh together,so_,for now, it seems as if I’ve reached the end of this note, I hope you find some inspiration and motivation in this blog as I’ve found in other blogs. Even more so,I hope this blog gives you the courage and strength to start your on blog. Luvin the chat,it’s awesome when a blog comes to life and as a “blogger in progress”,I want to end this message on a high note,there’s so much I didn’t say in this chat_ not to worry Ive got a lot more blogging to do__,until then,to conciliate(soothe over) anticipation,within the past weeks and months Ive been working on my second book “Savor the Flavor & Get Twice the Luv (Editor Notes &Various Blogs) this book includes some of my best blogs from this blog, and is available for purchase at the end of December,stay tune for the latest updates here at

much Luv, twice the Luv,

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Jamala M . Johnson